Business Communication

Business Communication is one of the most essential parts of Communication.

English Communication

English is the language of business, people use it all over the world .

Presentation Skills

Sometime or the other, you have to face an audience and when you have someone .

Interpersonal Communication

All of us live in a society and need to talk to each other, so right from the time.

English & Soft Skills Training Programs

Soft Skills Training

WordsVibe offers English and Soft skills training sessions to various Educational Institutes, Corporate Houses and some of the Renowned Organizations to enrich an individual’s ability to excel. Following are the areas covered by our professionals under soft skill training programs

Meet Our Team

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Girish Pillai

Mr. Girish Pillai is the Founder and the Lead Trainer of Words Vibe. He has an industry experience of over 21 years. He has worked in the corporate sector and has handled wide range of portfolios. His training profile includes training of insurance, banking, communication, employee retention, transaction analysis and a lot more. He is a voracious reader and is lovingly called ‘Google’ by his spouse and his students. Mr. Girish Pillai has a degree in Marketing and Economics and has trained over 10 000 people, so far. He is an excellent mentor and coach and believes that there is no age for learning and trying new things. He is a complete sportsman and nothing can stop him from his weekend football matches. He strives to make Words Vibes’ training programs better every day.
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Surabhi Pillai

Ms. Surabhi Pillai is the Lead Trainer and Founder Mr. Girish Pillai’s wife. All the training programs of Words Vibes have been designed under her observation. She also advises and mentors trainers and participants for better performances. Ms. Surabhi Pillai is an Associate Professor in the Department of English and Communication at R. J. Tibrewal Commerce College. She has been in the field of academics and corporate training for over 20 years and has designed several such programmes for people at different levels. She is a writer and a columnist and wrote a very popular column ‘Surabhi’s English Classes’ for Ahmedabad Mirror and now writes ‘Speak English with Me’ and ‘Heart to Heart’ for Nav Gujarat Samay.
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Jacob Kuriakose

Mr. Jacob Kuriakose is the youngest and the most energetic member of the team. He has a degree in accounts, but can use English language like a pro. He has a superb personality and can effortlessly make friends with the participants and the students. His forte lies in teaching of vocabulary and grammar to the students.
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Shipra Raju

Ms. Shipra Raju is an exceptionally gifted trainer. Her qualifications include a degree in science and journalism. At present she is pursuing her studies in psychology. All the children’s and the teenagers’ programs are designed and executed under her supervision. She resides in Arizona, USA and gives online training to the participants.
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Atul Sharma

Mr. Atul Sharma is a versatile teacher, who has been involved in a number of communication related activities. He has over 18 years of teaching experience and has an amazing ability to establish rapport with students. His qualifications include degrees in English and Education. Mr. Atul Sharma is a footballer at heart and all his assignments are taken up with the focus of a footballer.


Communication skills – The most difficult one to master. Our associated trainers let you excel in excellent verbal and nonverbal communication tactics with perfect body gestures. Listening is not less than an art. We train you how to listen actively and provide feedback, the acts of presenting new ideas and an ability to influence an audience with your speech.
Language Skills – We do our best to help you to fluently communicate in English and improve your pronunciation and vocabulary levels. Additionally, we guide with business writing etiquette with formal and informal speech. We are one of the best Soft Skill Trainers in Ahmedabad that provides you Advanced English Communication program giving an ability to flawlessly speak and write English.
Leadership – It is crucial to handle tough times for a leader. We give a handful of advice on how to be responsible, flexible and be a mentor for your team. We teach you to develop leadership qualities like Team Building, Coaching, Mentoring, Delegating, Resolving Disputes, Being Diplomatic, Providing Feedback, Managing Hard Times while making Proper Decisions.
Interpersonal Skills – WordsVibe is well known for its special grooming in personal behavior at work places. We let you develop confidence to face professional meetings and oral presentations. It’s tedious sometimes working with people who have a typical nature, but you need to be patient and polite while in the industry and should resolve the conflicts with less hassles.
Personal Skills – These skills reflect personal characteristics and play a vital role in the corporate world. Our expert advice aids you bring best in you and enhance your inner skills such as
Assertiveness – Be confident without aggressiveness
Social & Business Etiquette – A mannerly way to interact in personal & professional life
Telephone Etiquette – Communicating effectively on phone calls
Email Etiquette – Maintaining a balance in formal and informal mails
Time Management – Binding the time limits for given work
Stress Management – Managing work loads
Selling Skills – Marketing skills
Handling Criticism – Be efficient to handle pros & cons
Friendliness – A necessity not to be ignored
Empathy – An ability to share feelings
Enthusiasm – Be enthusiastic in critical situations too
So, to generate your positive vibes, join our soft skill training. At Words Vibe, you can get trained choosing individual module or mixing two- three modules together. Some courses can be completed in 8 to 16 hours, while some like English require exhaustive training of 50 hours.
Who can get trained at Words Vibe?
A Student, A Housewife, an Employee, an Employer or a retired person and anyone who wishes to be a better communicator, would like to deal with people in a more effective way, have an excellent command on English and have better performance can get trained. In short, a person who believes in the adage ‘Learning is a never ending process’. Know more about Words Vibe by clicking on other informative pages of the website.
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