Choose the Perfect IELTS Coaching Centre in Ahmedabad!

Every nook and every corner of Ahmedabad has an IELTS coaching centre. Big or small it doesn’t matter, the seating arrangement could be 15 to 100—that also doesn’t matter. What matters, it seems, is that IELTS sells. Yes, and that which sells, everyone runs after…

Choose the Perfect IELTS Coaching Centre in Ahmedabad!

So, the poor student who is vying to either study or migrate to a foreign country is lost in the complete mayhem of too many IELTS coaching centres in Ahmedabad.  How does then one find out which to go to? As everyone claims to be better than the other.

What to look for in IELTS coaching centres in Ahmedabad?

A simple and logical solution for this confusion is to take a few demo classes. Most institutes would agree for demo classes, those that do not, anyways have to be out of the list. Now those who agree to give a demo class can be judged one by one upon these factors.

  1. Their faculty—without any hesitation ask for the credentials of the faculty. Is she or he a qualified English teacher? Has she or he undergone IELTS ’train the trainer’s’ training organised by either British Council or IDP.
  2. Material—what material does the institute use? Has it been copied for somewhere? If it is copied, is the faculty taking the pain to explain the sections in detail or simply asks you to take down the answers from the answer page. Obviously, if there is no discussion then there’s no point in paying for the class. You might as well sit at home and work on your own.
  3. Mock tests—does the institute organise mock tests? If yes, how often? Also find out whether they show the papers and declare the results. Only conducting the mock test is not enough, proper analysis and discussion of the papers is of prime importance.
  4. Facility of extra practice— when it comes to IELTS, you need lots of practice. So, unless your institute gives you the facility of extra practice, it’s of no use. You should be allowed to practice in your free time and on holidays too.

Getting the required band

Clearly, when you go to an institute, you go there to get help to achieve the required band score. However, keep in mind that no institute has a magic wand that it will twirl around you and you will become a perfect 9 band candidate. It doesn’t work like that. To achieve what you want, you must put in your 100%. How will any institute help you, if you are not regular? Here are a few tips that will help you get your required band:

  1. Be regular
  2. Practice a lot
  3. Brush up on your English grammar
  4. Give mock tests

IELTS Coaching Class in Ahmedabad are in plenty, use the above points to decide upon one.

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