Corporate Training

These training can be designed specifically for your organization. Some of the programs which could be specifically designed keeping in mind:

What is the objective of this training?

What timings would be convenient to you?

How would you like the outcome to be measured?

Based on your parameters, we would design a training program that would fit into your organizations work schedule and deliver the expected outcome.


There are specific workshops that can be conducted for shorter duration i.e. a day, which could have just a specific module as an objective. For example a half-day workshop on time management on a Saturday afternoon for your team would be a minimum investment and would have a measurable outcome from Monday itself.


The lead trainers of Words Vibe have been in training for over 20 years. They have done exhaustive training for over 100 companies and have an extensive industry experience. There is no better way to learn then to learn on the job and Words Vibe’s trainers have done just that.

Corporate training means training of employees of a company on a particular subject. Words Vibe conducts training at the clients’ place and also at its own center. Words Vibe’s trained staff ensures that the training is done at clients’ convenience, whether it is of time or of place.

The lead trainers of Words Vibe have trained thousands of personnel in Soft Skills, Communication, English and Business Communication. Our courses are: