Business Communication

Business Communication is one of the most essential parts of Communication. In everyday professional life, working people have to interact in various ways. However, this communication in a professional setting cannot be the same as personal communication. One has to follow professional norms while interacting professionally. This interaction (oral or written) that takes place for professional reasons is known as Business Communication.

One interacts in two ways through Business Communication:

  1. Oral Business Communication (OBC)
  2. Written Business Communication (WBC)

Oral Business Communication pertains to communicating orally, that is, most of the times face to face and yet at other times on the phone or online. OBC includes:

  • Use of professional language
  • Courtesy and politeness
  • Professional body language
  • Professional attire
  • Professional etiquette

Written Business Communication pertains to all kinds of written communication either through snail mail on online mail. This includes:

  • Formal written English
  • Formal letter writing
  • Formal and jargon free vocabulary
  • Memos and reports
  • Interacting online
  • Courtesy and politeness
  • Dos and doesn’t of WBC
  • Email etiquette and writing
  • Blog writing

Method of training: Role plays, discussions and arguments, case studies, practice exercises, audio visual aids of learning and games and activities

Duration of the program: 6 weeks/ 2 hours, three days a week

Who is this course for? This course is meant for those who have adequate knowledge of Basic English, those who have had exposure to English and are looking for more refinement of English language skills.