Employee Retention and Engagement

This six module program spread over 15 hours shall start with an introduction to employee retention and its importance in today’s world. The various factors that result to employees leaving the organization will be explored on the second module. Proactive steps like creating a retention strategy from the day the employee joins will be explored in the third module. The fourth module focuses on how effective communication can result to a loyal employee, using recognition and appreciation tools (fifth module), thereby sustaining success through improved employee satisfaction (sixth module).

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Employee Retention Program I

“The only unique asset that a business has for gaining a sustained competitive advantage over its rivals is its work force; in terms of the skills and dedication of its employees, there is no other sustainable competitive edge in the modern global economy” – John Putzier, Business writer

The previous generation of employees believed in working for an organisation from graduation to retirement. But in today’s scenario an employee is considered vintage if he completes five years in an organisation. The opportunities’ have increased; sadly the loyalty that existed has eroded.

Why this program

Employee turnover causes considerable cost to the employer in terms of hiring and training a new candidate, intangible aspects like erosion of competitive edge of the company if the employee defects to a rival organisation, and stress on the existing work force until the replacement is selected and on board the company’s work force are factors that cannot be quantified.

The challenge today lies in retaining a key employee, who has proven to be a valuable asset of the company with the help of effective employee training and development.

Program objectives

  • Understand the importance of loyalty in the changing work force.
  • How to create loyalty among the employees.
  • Using communication strategies to retain key employees.
  • How to build loyalty by providing appreciation and recognition.
  • Improving employee satisfaction to sustain a dynamic loyal work force.

Program Overview

This 14 hour program focuses on the factors that result to employees leaving the organisation, proactive steps like creating a retention strategy from the day the employee joins are explored. Major focuses is on effective communication to a loyal employee, using recognition and appreciation tools; thereby sustaining success through improved employee satisfaction, hence achieving a stable effective resource for the organisation.

Methodology: discussion, group presentation and individual presentation.

Key learning’s of this program

  • Help you identify what motivates your employees
  • Assist in categorising your employees on the basis of their motivation.
  • Insight into the employee’s perception of the company.
  • Provide strategies in retaining key employees.
  • Formulate an action plan for applying a retention strategy from day one of the employee.

Who should attend? : H. R. Managers and line managers having high attrition rate should go for the employee training and development program.

Employee Retention Program II

“The notion that people are just ‘happy to have a job’ overlooks the fact that competitors are looking for every edge they can get, which may well start with seducing the best people of your organisation” – Jim Dittman, President Dittman Incentive Marketing Corporation

The second program of this genre reviews the effect and impact of the concepts and strategy of the first part of the program. This session pools the experiences of the participants and analyses in depth the reaction of the employees across the various industries to formulate a proactive approach in retaining the key talents in the company. The focus of this program is to form a networking platform where various tools of communication are studied in depth for their effectiveness in retaining an employee.

Program objectives

  • Cultivating a motivated and a dedicated staff
  • Giving and receiving constructive feedback
  • Identifying factors that motivate employees
  • Creative methods of appreciation employees
  • Conducting result oriented performance reviews

Program overview

This 12 hour employee retention program spread over 6 modules is a compact case study oriented program. It starts with the live examples of the participant’s intervention in their organisation after the first program. The second session focuses on setting the objective of achieving in this program in tandem with organisation‘s goal. Feedback and its impact are discussed in depth in the third session. Recognition tool’s that bring about the change in the perception of the employees and sensitise them to the demands of a challenging workplace is the focus of the fourth session. The fifth session explores the ways result oriented performance reviews are conducted in fortune 500 companies. The concluding session will be a presentation of a clear road map by each participant for his organisation.

Methodology: Discussion, group presentation and individual presentation.

Key learning’s of this program

  • Insights into the H.R polices at a global level.
  • Feedback and transparency in annual review.
  • Preparing a goal oriented career map for key employees.
  • Showcasing H.R ability to create, maintain and retain a dynamic work force.
  • Preparing a draft of a process note for the organization.

Who should attend? : H. R. Managers who have attended the previous program are eligible to enroll in the employee retention program