English Communication

English is the language of business, people use it all over the world to communicate professionally. There could have been some other language that bound people all over the world together, but owing to the British influence in the olden days, English took that position. There are four aspects of English:

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing

According to Stephen Krashen, there are two ways by which a person can get mastery over these four aspects:

  • By language acquisition
  • By language learning

Language acquisition is when a person learns the language from his or her environment, like the mother tongue. There is no forced learning, there is no stress, slowly and steadily the mother tongue becomes ingrained in the person’s mind. However, language learning is making a person actually going through the process of learning, like we learn English in school- this is the reason that English does not come easily to us, unless our school creates an ambience of acquisition by reading and films and other activities.

At Words Vibe, we use both the methods- Language Acquisition and Language Learning. We create an ambience that makes a student unconsciously imbibe English and we also make a student go through grammatical rules that makes him or her learn consciously.

At Words Vibe learning English is fun, we want our students to go back from the course and still continue with English. We equip them to be able to self- learn even after they have left us.

Our USP is that once a student goes through any of our programs, he or she can repeat the same program anytime free of cost, isn’t that a great thing?

By the end of our English programs, we ensure that the student becomes excellent user of English and can:

  • Speak well
  • Comprehend well
  • Write well

We have two types of programs in English:

Basic English

Basic English is for those people who have never been exposed to the English environment, those who feel afraid of making mistakes and of being laughed at if they speak in English. These students could come from regional medium schools- Gujarati medium, Hindi medium or any other medium or could be from English medium with very little or no exposure to English.

Our Basic English Program Covers III Modules:

Module I- English Speaking
Module II- Body Language
Module III- Etiquette, Presentation Skills and Public Speaking

What will you gain?
– A confident and contended personality
– Fluency in English
– Better Vocabulary and improved pronunciation
– Neutralized accent
– Ability to speak in English with everyone

Method of training: Role plays, presentations, audio visual aids of learning, practice exercises and games and activities

Duration: 2 moths/ 5 days a week

Who is this course for? For students and homemakers, for prospective employees and employed people, for junior level and senior level corporate personnel.

Advanced English Communication

After the Basic English Course, comes the Advanced English Course. Here the learners learn how to become expert users of English. They are trained to become adept at all the four facets of English language:

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing

ADC makes a learner become so good in the use of English language that he or she can express his thoughts in fluent English both in speech and writing. This is what the learner gains in terms of using English:

– An ability to speak and write flawless English with Advanced English Communication training
– Professional English used for business and corporate houses
– An expertise to interact with people of different culture and regions
– Talent to write and interact with people on the net and create your own blog

The ADC also ensures that a learner learns:

  • Perfect and advanced grammar
  • Advanced vocabulary
  • Recognizing accents of different countries
  • Playing around with words
  • Advanced writing skills
  • Proof reading and editing

English is a language that is very easy to learn, the only thing required to learn it is dedication and commitment. This dedication and commitment comes when a participant is equipped with advanced English communication skills. The good thing is that most learners know the value of learning English, what they cannot understand is how to find the right place to learn well?

Well, your search ends here, for you have now found Words Vibe.

Words Vibe will make the ADC an experience of a lifetime. You will discover and learn English beautifully and perfectly.

Investment of Time: You will spend 40 hours with us/ 3 days a week/ 2 hours per session

Join us now…