Interpersonal Communication

All of us live in a society and need to talk to each other, so right from the time we wake up till the time we hit the bed, we are interacting with each other. Even if we are not talking to someone, out of anger or whatever reasons, we are interacting. This interaction between people- by words or through body language is known as interpersonal communication.

If your interpersonal communication is right, more than half your work is done. Thus, our aim should be to get the right interpersonal communication. At Words Vibe, we aim that our participants becoming excellent communicators.

Interpersonal Communication includes:

1. Oral communication
  • Politeness and courtesy
  • Feedback
  • Responding to feedbacks
  • Handling negatives
  • Requests and permission
  • Normal everyday conversation
  • Avoiding bitchiness at workplace and at home
2. Body language
  • Eye contact
  • Facial Expressions
  • Postures
  • Movements
  • Carrying yourself
  • Tone of voice and intonation
  • Listening skills
  • Space

At Words Vibe, we make you go through rigorous training and teach you different aspects of Interpersonal communication. You can be sure of becoming terrific communicators after going through Words Vibe’s Interpersonal Communication program.

Method of training: Interactive, with lots of role plays and activities thrown in. Of course, case studies to make the participants learn from other people’s experiences, discussions, presentations and audio visuals.

Duration: 20 hours.

Who is this course for? For those who feel that they don’t live on an island, ha… ha… Jokes apart, home makers to managers and students to employers. Anyone and everyone who want to become excellent communicators.