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I Writing                                                                                                                      II Editing and Proofreading                                                                                                                              III Translation

I Writing

We can write or develop the contents for you in different styles and different categories.

1). Blogs

You could have a general blog to express yourself or you could have a specific subject oriented blog. Whatever the type, PEW will ensure to deliver you as per your requirement. If it is a research based blog, the writers will research thoroughly and will make sure that you have the best possible blog.

2) Website contents

Whether you are a website development company or you are an individual who wants to develop his or her own website, you can brief the details of your services or products to PEW and expect to get a well- written and systematic website content.

3) Articles

Articles of all kinds- newspaper, magazine, newsletters or any other kind of article, PEW can develop your kind of articles for you.

4) Small descriptions for your services or products

Are you looking for small descriptions for summarizing your services and products on your own or advertising websites? We can write short briefs about your work and present it in a captivating manner that will attract the audience that you are focusing on.

5) Advertisement material

Advertisements are the best way to attract your customers from various places. We design adverts that are illustrative, descriptive and/or short and informative. Share with us your ideas and leave it unto us to generate a profit making advertisement – Emails, Flyers, Newspaper Ads we know it all.

6) E-books

Writing an e-Book is a big step in a writer’s life and putting all your ideas on text can be intimidating. We will dedicate one of our expert writers who will support you in adding words to your notions or completely assisting you with writing the book on behalf of you.

Right from designing your table of contents to researching and writing everything with correct facts is how we will help you. We will ensure an error free e-Book for your readers.

7) Academic research writing

Academic and research writing is not a joke, it requires research, method and structure, PEW gives all. In case, you are finding your essays your research papers or any other academic writing difficult, PEW writers can assist you.

8) Press releases/ News letters

Press releases or newsletters for your events or any other promotion are safe in the hands of PEW.

9) Biodata, Resumes and Curriculum Vitae (Technical and Non-Technical)

Every organization has its own way of screening an individual’s work experience. Some look at a detailed description of an individual’s overall professional and personal skills in the form of Curriculum Vitae whereas other hiring managers prefer viewing a brief of the desired skillset they are hiring for which are covered within not more than 2 pages which is known as a Résumé.

There are a very few who understand the difference and fewer who will work towards building a position-winning profile. If you want to create a profile that opens up a whole new world to opportunities join hands with our Team PEW to grow in your field. Our team is divided in a way where we allocate writers CVs, Résumé and Biodatas based on the level of an individual’s professional experience.

Freshets / Less than 3 years: Individuals who are ready to step into the corporate world need to build a strong profile depending on the type of company they are targeting. Our writer at PEW will work in coordination with you to understand your traits and put it down in the most effective way.

4 – 10 Years’ Experience: This stage in life is very crucial as these are the years when you decide whether you want to stick to a particular field or change it. Regardless of whether you are aiming to shift from a technical team to a strategic team or a functional team our writers are going to help you present your work experience that gets you the job that you are looking for.

10 – 15 Years’ Experience: Professionals with an experience between 10 to 15 years focus on growth and leadership opportunities and with that said we understand how important it is for us to showcase your experience that highlights your capabilities as a leader. Our team will support you with the best designs and presentation techniques trending in the market that will help you get the career growth you are looking at.

15+ Years’ Experience: Are you wondering who will make your profiles? We have human resource professionals who have a diverse knowledge of recruitment trends. These hiring professionals have hired for various domains will support you in putting across your achievements and skills to the top management of any company.

10) Social Media Profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook)

For Professionals

In this digital world, Social Media is the snapshot of your personality. Creating an Online account is the easiest way to connect with people professionally and personally. If you are an individual looking at creating an eye-catching professional profile on LinkedIn that attracts the right employers or customers to your account by seeing you in their primary and niche searches.

For Corporates, NGOs and Educational Institutes

If you own an organization and are looking at promoting your page on Facebook and LinkedIn with a catchy brief about your company and products and/or services Team PEW will help you build a strong base. We have experts who will work with you to design your Facebook or LinkedIn page and suggest you with trending and creative ideas to make your first impression powerful and unique.

11) Marketing mailers (Products and Services)

Marketing mailers can prove to be cumbersome, what with the requirement of repeated written contents for the same services or products. On your own, you may run out of ideas or words; however, once you assign this task to PEW, you can be sure of getting unique and catchy mailers to grasp the attention of your customers.

12) RPG Writing

Video Games are like sizzlers and not to mention the thrill they bring to your life. If you have a website or blog that keeps enthusiasts updated about new and trending computer games we will help you with writing about all kinds of single and multi-player games from different genres like action, adventure, fantasy, strategic or many more.

All the contents will be written by writers who are experienced gamers themselves. Your readers will be given authentic information about their favorite computer games. Don’t be amazed with a huge rise in audience because we know they will come to your site for more.

13) Brochures/ other informatory material

If presented attractively, your services and products can get you unlimited and repeated business. Brochures and other informatory material are your most important sources of generating inquiries and business. Therefore, just having a brochure with details about your product or services is not enough, you need creative presentation of your business.
PEW provides you with ideas and matter and puts it in your brochure in such a way that your brochure becomes your key to success.

14) Creative writing

Any kind of creative writing requires constant new ideas. PEW work in tandem with you to give you that elusive, yet perfect piece of writing that will get you laurels and accolades.

15) Technical writing

Specific-subject oriented and research based writing is required for technical writing. You give us your specifications and PEW will give you what you require.

16) Ghost writing

Yes, PEW does ghost writing too. Let us see your style or we can develop a style specific to you and create something that gives originality to your creativity.

17) Infographic

Everyone is short of time and getting yourself noticed in just one glance has to have you stand out of a whole lot of your competition. So, why not create a graphical design of your work – You are a company wanting to represent your business in just one graphic or you are an individual looking at furnishing your personal and professional traits in a creative way, Team PEW is here to produce the high-quality designs and graphics.

We have a diverse group of writers who are allocated assignments based on their expertise. Within 24 hours we deliver excellence in the form of superlative content with error and plagiarism free text.

II Proofreading & editing

Our approach of getting each work proofread three times by three different proofreaders is what zeros down the possibility of any mistakes. Our experienced Editors are known for their proficiency in English Language and have a multifarious experience in the field.

  1. Grammar and spelling check
  2. Style check
  3. Check on redundancies and other unnecessary stuff
  4. Check on contemporary English

Each work to be proofread goes through three checks by three different proof readers. Thus, there is zero possibility of any mistakes.

III Translation

Translation can go wrong but not with PEW Translators; our bilingual writers can translate languages and present them in the same context as is written in the original text. We ensure that once the content is translated it is rechecked twice before submitting it to the client. Our expertise is,

  1. English to Hindi and vice a versa
  2. English to Gujarati and vice a versa
  3. English to Tamil and vice versa
  4. English to Malayalam and vice versa
  5. English to French and vice a versa

How does PEW charge?

PEW’s charges are the best in the industry. You will find us very cost effective. You can either pay online, (through our payment gateway) bank transfer, cheque or by cash.

For any assignment, the subject and the type has to be reviewed by PEW and once that is done, an estimate is sent to the client.