Professional English Writers

Who are we?

We are Professional English Writers. We have given ourselves an acronym PEW. PEW has a nice ring to it as it has a lovely meaning. PEW in itself is a word and means ‘a place in a church for the worshippers’.

We are a bunch of crazy and serious writers. Hey, don’t get a scare! We describe ourselves as crazy as we love to write or shall we say key in on just about any subject at any time of the day or night. And ‘serious’ because we take your work very seriously and each of our assignment is given top priority and done with utmost precision. Give us a topic and your requirement and we will give you the matter.

We write, proofread, edit and translate.

Our team consists of lovers of writing who come from various fields, we have amongst us, professors, doctors, engineers,IT personnel, advocates and scientists. So, you see, we can write on a variety of subjects.

Why PEW?

Ok, what do you look for in a writer?

  • Perfect writing that follows your guidelines and gives you suggestions to improve upon your product.
  • Immaculate writing that is correct in grammar and spellings and can play around with words to create a matter that makes people want to read again and again…
  • Writing that makes you proud of your work.
  • 100% Original and plagiarism free content

PEW is your answer. We believe in 100% transparency and dedicate ourselves in exceeding the expectations of our associates. Our writers work in coordination with our clients to understand their mandates through various means of communication like Telephone, WhatsApp and Skype.

What does PEW specialize in?

We specialize in all kinds of writings- formal or informal English, Indian or international English, American or British English and Business English. We have a mixed bag of write-ups which are related to factual, fictional and creative writings that are used by newspapers, magazines, company websites and online blogposts.

PEW- The Team

PEW was established by Surabhi and Girish Pillai in 2001. Surabhi Pillai is a well-known columnist and the author of the book ‘English and All About it’. Both Surabhi and Girish have an experience of over 20 years. Surabhi Pillai’s column ‘Surabhi’s English Classes’ in Ahmedabad Mirror was very popular column, at present she writes two columns for Nav Gujarat Samay. Girish Pillai develops his own contents for his IELTS/ GRE and TOEFL students. He is in the process of writing a book on IELTS speaking.

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PEW’s Clients

  1. Dimensions 360 Advertising
  2. Neonz Lifestyle Club
  3. Ace Advertising
  4. Lotus Waters
  5. Words Vibe English and Soft Skills Educators
  6. Uniworld Education
  7. R. J. Tibrewal Commerce College
  8. Bhumi Interior Designers
  9. A number of personal resumes and other assignments

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