Public Speaking And Presentation

“85% of your financial success is due to your personality and ability to communicate, negotiate and lead. Shockingly only 15% is due to technical knowledge” – Carnegie institute of technology

The ability to speak confidently in a formal or a informal setting is an art that some have a innate talent; but for a vast majority it is a unnerving prospect, factors like stage fear result to avoidance of occasions wherein their skills and efforts are not showcased as they should be. This disability starts from school level and if not addressed becomes apparent in working professionals who need these skills rise to the next level.

Program objectives

  • Understanding the layout of a presentation
  • Handling speaking apprehension
  • Planning a presentation
  • Making effective presentations
  • Tools to enhance presentation’s

Program overview

This 16 hour program focuses on each individual participants public speaking skills. The first module focuses on what are the barriers that prevent them from speaking in public. The second and third sessions focuses on removing these barriers. The next two modules give’s the participants the insight and practical guide in making a presentations, as this is a group activity; involvement of the all participants is a mandatory. The seventh session is an informative session wherein various presentation tools that assist the orator in making an effective presentation is discussed in detail. The last session is individual presentation by each participant which is graded.

Methodology: Group presentation and individual presentation.

Key learning’s of this program:

  • To face an audience and to speak confidently in public.
  • To have the appropriate body language while performing a public speaking session.
  • Make a systematic and effective presentation.

Who should attend? : All age groups – from 13 years onwards, anyone who would have to speak in front of an audience in the near future.