Team Building

“Talent wins games, but intelligence and team work wins championships”. – Shipra Raju

The story in Panchantra about an old man who used a bunch of twigs to instil the concept of working as a team to his sons, is as old as time itself. In today’s business environment this parable still holds true, as a well knit team who is clear of their individual inputs for the accomplishment of the common goal succeed.

Program objectives

  • To understand the importance of working as a team
  • To realize the concept a team dynamics
  • How to select a team
  • How to guide and lead a team
  • Motivating a team.

Program overview

This first 10 hours of this 20 hour program focuses on building a forceful team commences with understanding the dynamics of a team. How to be team player and understanding one’s individual role to attain a goal is the explored in the subsequent sessions. This module then goes on to explore various case studies and situations faced by organizations around the world.

The next ten hours focus on leadership qualities required to become a Team leader from a team member. This would revolve around understanding the dynamics of an environment under constant change, how to be assertive is one of the key learning’s of this program. To insure global understanding- case studies would be used in the latter part of the program.

Methodology: Classroom participation and individual presentation.

Key learning’s of this program:

  • To handle a Team.
  • To understand the dynamics of a team.
  • Importance of presenting oneself in a assertive manner .

Who should attend? : From 21 years onward- students who are starting their career, new joiners. Working professionals who; are a part of a team, or being promoted to a team leader role.