Getting on*

Getting on*

Good morning! A little misunderstanding can turn a best friend into an enemy and a small amount of consideration can make a foe (enemy) into a friend for life. In the present times, when chaos (pronounced as ‘kay-aws’) seems to be ruling the world- is blood still thicker than water? Or has it lost its

Indian People*

Good morning! We recently came out with the college news magazine and the whole task was like Penelope’s web. At the end of it all, I felt like a zombie (robotic) and my students were in a daze (bewildered). By now, my students and I are of the opinion that the people who work for

Don’t Ascribe a Woman’s Success to her Beauty Alone

Don’t be a dud and ascribe a woman’s success to her beauty alone. Of course being beautiful could give an added advantage, but tell me something- would a bank employ a woman who doesn’t have a clue of what numbers look like, just because she happens to have the looks of a model? Or would

English Communication for Ladies (Working Women, House Wives/ Home Makers, Students)

English Communication for Ladies Hey! People, No more getting worried about the PTA meetings in your kids’ schools, no more tears after your hubby’s office party and no more feeling sorry for yourself. We have the ideal solution for you, equip yourself with excellent English Communication and get that ‘status’ you’ve always wanted to achieve.


English Communication Business Communication Corporate/ Social/ Business Etiquette Employee Management and Retention Presentations Skills Speaking in Public Time and Interpersonal Skills To know more about these programmes, please call us on 9909011686 or 9974093724.

You’re there from when my day starts

You’re there from when my day starts In my dreams my dreams, in my heart I open my eyes I see you, I close them I still see you I see you in the morning dew I see you in almost every view What else do I say, except I love you I love you


Every year during the summer vacations Sandhya brought her children, Sakaar six and Amiya three to her parents’ place in Agra . Though, Agra was scorching the kids loved it here. Obviously since everyone pampered them to the hilt and they had no home- work to do. All day long they ran around like crazy and had

Don’t be under Tension

Hello! To continue with what I was talking to you all about on Monday, let me just get to the point and give the correct forms of the sentences that I gave the other day: The use of the tag question ‘no’ and ‘ah’. Avoid the use of these tag questions. The use of ‘wala’-

Of course! The Butter Won’t melt in the Mouth

Good morning! People indulge in completely bizarre (odd) strategies, in order to sell their products. Like the one, where even clothes are being offered on installments, à la Yankees… Incredible, isn’t it? Shouldn’t there be an end to this exploitation of human greed and weakness. But then why should we be the interfering busybodies (individuals

Hold My Hand

Hi! I suffer from this huge phobia of flying. Everytime, I travel by plane, anyone who’s my co passenger has had it- he/ she not only has to put up with a howling female but  has to also put up with one constant question and that is, “When will we reach?” No need to laugh

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