IELTS Speaking is not a ghost

IELTS Speaking is not a ghost

Speak English with Me Surabhi Pillai Hi, there! So, we were talking about International English Language Testing System (IELTS) last week. Did it help you, the little discussion on IELTS? Well, you must key in your mails to me, so that I can tell you where you stand, at least, in writing. I shall talk


Speak English with Me Hi, there! Every day, I meet students, especially at the post graduate level, who have only one aim in life and that is to study abroad. There are several reasons for this craze to study abroad. One of the main reasons, for this craze, I have found, is the desire to

Retail, therapy or obsession?

Speak English with Me Hi, there! Have you heard of the phrase ‘retail therapy’? Well, there was a time when shopping was used as a therapy, when you were unhappy or depressed, but today shopping has become an obsession and an illness that itself needs some kind of therapy. You do not believe me? Have

Joining Up

Hi, there! The year’s passing by with super speed, it is May already and vacation has begun, so has the sweltering (boiling, roasting, very hot) heat… Ummm… what am I getting at? Okay, one by one: 2016 began and within no time, we are almost in the middle of the year. The schools and colleges

Let’s Learn Online

Hi, there! When you look for English learning resources, the most useful ones are books. However, since not everyone likes reading, the other resources have to be looked into. Today, together with some other things, I shall discuss with you self- learning resources (sources, means) of English. Here are a few: One of the main

Brain- less Spell Check

Hi, there! English spellings are going to dogs (getting poorer). Forget about smses and social networking sites, people have started becoming lax (careless) with spellings even when they are writing formal documents. I am all for modernity and newness, but you can’t become completely gross (uncultured) when it comes to spellings, especially when writing formal

Embarrassed about English! Why on earth?

Hi, there! How are you all? Ok, now that I am done with the pleasantries, (good- natured remarks) let me come straight to the point. Why are some of you so touchy (sensitive) about not knowing English? What is the big deal? We can’t know everything, can we? So! Almost every day, I come across

Thinking in English

Hi, there! There are people, who are of the opinion that if you think in a language you are good at it. And that is why; they insist that if you want to have a command over English, you have to first let it start talking to your brains. But that’s obvious; it’s surely not

Why Learn Grammar?

Hi, there! Some time back, someone had asked me the meaning of ‘bad mouthing’, I had answered, ‘to speak badly about someone behind the person’s back’. At that time I had not known that I’d experience this myself soon. (Lol) It is kind of funny, after so many years of working with top brass of

The Three Doctors

  Hi, there! For those of you who are beginners in the learning of English, today’s article may not be very easy. I have not gone out of my way to use simple vocabulary and easy sentence construction, so you may not understand in the first read. Please read, at least, three times, if you

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