Thinking in English

Thinking in English

Hi, there! There are people, who are of the opinion that if you think in a language you are good at it. And that is why; they insist that if you want to have a command over English, you have to first let it start talking to your brains. But that’s obvious; it’s surely not

Why Learn Grammar?

Hi, there! Some time back, someone had asked me the meaning of ‘bad mouthing’, I had answered, ‘to speak badly about someone behind the person’s back’. At that time I had not known that I’d experience this myself soon. (Lol) It is kind of funny, after so many years of working with top brass of

The Three Doctors

  Hi, there! For those of you who are beginners in the learning of English, today’s article may not be very easy. I have not gone out of my way to use simple vocabulary and easy sentence construction, so you may not understand in the first read. Please read, at least, three times, if you

The and thee and so much confusion

Hi, there! Jaimin has sent a question to me. He says that he wants to do something that would make his teacher happy, he wants to write a poem for her or something like that. He wants me to help him. Well, Jaimin, poetry comes from heart, so you write what you feel like and

Be Ruthless to Yourself

Hi, there! We often wonder, (question) why diets fail? Actually, it is not the diets that fail, but our determination that fails. We start with a big promise to ourselves, “No matter what, I shall stick to my diet and lose weight”. And then, one plait of steaming hot jalebis and the whole promise is

Make it easy with ACRONYMS

Hi, there! There are certain terms that are so long that it is better to give them short names. So, we shorten them, but the shortened forms become so popular that only the shortened forms are remembered and their actual forms are almost forgotten. Yes, today, I shall tell you about ACRONYMS. What are acronyms?

Valentines Day

Hi, there! Valentine’s Day has just gone by and I am sure you all had a great Valentine’s Day. Today, let me tell you the story behind the Valentine’s Day. Long back, the Roman Empire was ruled by Emperor Claudius II. He was nicknamed Claudius the Cruel because of his harsh leadership and for abusing

Sleep Well- Sleep Vocabulary

Hi, there! Just yesterday, I heard a mother and her little son talking. The mother was talking in English with her son, obviously to help him get used to English. Of course, it is a brilliant idea. Where else will the kids learn if not at home? But the problem is that if at home,

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