Retail, therapy or obsession?

Retail, therapy or obsession?

Speak English with Me Hi, there! Have you heard of the phrase ‘retail therapy’? Well, there was a time when shopping was used as a therapy, when you were unhappy or depressed, but today shopping has become an obsession and an illness that itself needs some kind of therapy. You do not believe me? Have

Joining Up

Hi, there! The year’s passing by with super speed, it is May already and vacation has begun, so has the sweltering (boiling, roasting, very hot) heat… Ummm… what am I getting at? Okay, one by one: 2016 began and within no time, we are almost in the middle of the year. The schools and colleges

Let’s Learn Online

Hi, there! When you look for English learning resources, the most useful ones are books. However, since not everyone likes reading, the other resources have to be looked into. Today, together with some other things, I shall discuss with you self- learning resources (sources, means) of English. Here are a few: One of the main

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