English – A Language OR Style Status? by Tanya D’souza

English – A Language OR Style Status? by Tanya D’souza

Helloe People! I am BACK… And, today being the last day of the year, I am sure, just like me you are thinking about two things, ‘Jesus, what do I wear for the new year’s party tonight?’ (now, since I didn’t find a pair that I haven’t clicked pictures in I will go for shopping

From India to America ~ Life in USA for Newly Migrated Indians by Shipra Raju

The skyscrapers, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Walmart, Safeway, Walgreens, the freeways, cleanliness, the US standard time (which basically follows nine time zones)…and the list can go on. We love everything American. We want to be called US returned, even though we had gone to visit family as a tourist. What is it about the US of

Introduction to IELTS Writing by Girish Pillai

  The writing test of IELTS is the one I would rate, as one of the tough sections of IELTS, there is a twofold reason as it subjective test; i.e. there are no marks or questions, and what you write can be viewed as from so many angles. So a balanced view is a must,

The TOP FIVE Basic Dining Etiquette YOU MUST follow

Hey Everyone, I am back! So, are you ready for today’s conversation? Now, I’m sure you would all agree that we Indians take absolute pride in, EATING and I can very shamelessly say that I go to buffets to avoid the embarrassment of my triple X servings, bwahhh!! I remember how my Grandma, when I

Why attend English Speaking Classes instead of Self-learning?

“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.” One might wonder at the very mention of a classroom, of how tedious it was to get up in those sleep-induced mornings and to crawl to the walled classrooms that stunk of furnished benches and crisply ironed clothes…the only relief

Toilet Roll or लोटा by Surabhi Pillai (Swachhata Abhiyan)

Toilet Roll or लोटा Valid question. Which is cleaner? Okay, so most of us, Indians, would vouch for the ‘lota’ and smirk and say, “Oh! We’re so clean.” Paani se zyada kuch bum ko saaf kar sakta hai?” Nahi na… to bus. Hum sabse clean hain. Sadly, we can go around blowing our own trumpet

Score a 7 BAND with Girish Pillai ~ FREE IELTS Speaking Lesson

Last week we had a look at Part 1 of the IELTS speaking task; this week we shall look at part 2 of the task, most commonly called the cue card. This part of the speaking test checks the ability of the candidate to speak at a stretch for a minimum of 2 minutes. A

English is a Global Language by Shipra Raju

English is a global language, yes, it is. But do you know children around the globe have deficiencies in English language. That’s not which cannot be handled, though. The issue is not lack of English skills, but the way the language is taught. In India, we all learn the English alphabet, mostly before we start

Hey! Lady, you’re Beautiful… by Surabhi Pillai

You are already beautiful, just a bit of care and you’ll look like a million dollar. Yes, most of the women aspire to look beautiful. Sadly, since childhood, women are fed with false notions of beauty, ‘Only fair girls are pretty.’ ‘You’ll look pretty if you’re thin.’ ‘Chee, look at your thighs, they’re so fat

Stop Crying at your Workplace by Surabhi Pillai

    Our personality is made of a number of things. Most of us believe that personality depends on ‘appearance’, this, actually, is a fallacy. Personality entails a lot more than just appearance. Your personality is made up of how you view things, your attitude towards life, your behavior with people and a host of

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