Hello! A letter that I received by mail and the corrections made: Dear Madam, Apropos of your article in mirror dated on 5th feb, I am writing to u to thank you for enlightening me with ur knowledge and expertise in english language.I have been reading ur articles for a long time now, and every


Good morning! A few days back in a workshop at a corporate house, I was very surprised to observe that the participants even at the middle level management find it difficult to differentiate between simple words like ‘bed’ and ‘bad’ — everyday words like- anxious, intrigue and optimistic are completely alien to them. Surprisingly, most

How To Eat Clean & Still Relish Your Meal

So, every year most of us make a resolution to hit the gym and eat clean…I remember cleaning up my shelves just so that I don’t get tempted to eat the extravaganzas that would eventually show around my tummy. Hey people! I am …Tanya…, a fitness jock committed to never salivating over food. Now, believe

Problems With The Indian Diet

Problems With The Indian Diet That Not Many People Are Aware Of : India is known for being multifarious for various aspects that range from culture, traditions, festivities and food. The tricolored country consisting of 29 states and 497 cities. With distinct identities are known for their unique taste and ingredients. The extravaganzas served here

Arat Hosseini – The 3 Year Old Toddler Who Will Give You Serious Fitness Goals

The 3 year old Iranian wonder kid has stunned millions on this planet over several social media platforms and has left many awestruck –  Arat Hosseini,  has left people awestruck with his gymnastic kicks, flips and balances. The Story Behind The Super Strong Toddler – Arat Hosseini A lot of people believe what Arat does

Are You A Food Addict ? Or A Foodie

Are you a Food Addict? Whoa! Now, that’s a question, isn’t it? I cannot resist the sensation and satisfaction its essence brings to my soul. Are you a Food Addict? I am a fitness fanatic and with that said I’ve come across a lot of FAQs such as ‘Why do you need to lose weight?’

Six Delicious & Healthy Indian Breakfast Options For Weight Loss

Six Delicious & Healthy Indian Breakfast Options For Weight Loss. In this super busy era where we have absolutely no time for anything we fall prey to some of the deadliest lifestyle health problems and diseases. The main culprit many times is skipping your morning meal. YOU MUST NEVER SKIP BREAKFAST and it is one


Good morning! Today, I’m going to share with you an interesting mail from a reader Sudhanshu Bakshi. Sudhanshu writes very often and his mails are always nice and informative. Here’s his mail (as it was sent): Dear Madam Writing to you after a long time! Recently I got a mail from one of my friends


Seebee: Good morning! I apologise for sounding so groggy (sleepy), I had a bad night. You may think that I have been imagining things, but I really saw an apparition (ghost) last night. It was dressed-up in some kind of a robe. I was woken up by a strange sound and that is when I

Diet & Fitness Tips to follow during Ramadan

Diet & Fitness Tips to follow during Ramadan:  Ramadan, a blissful expedition of 30 days observed by Muslims across the globe. The essence of this festivity lies in sacrifice, prayer and almsgiving and today, I am going to speak about Roza specifically,the Islamic approach of abstaining from food and water. Ramadan, during the summers, can

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