Good morning! Wishing someone on a happy occasion requires more than just apt (suitable, fitting) use of words. A sullen (gloomy, angry) look and congratulations don’t go hand-in-hand; it is only when words are accompanied by a warm and genuine smile that they become meaningful. Today, I shall discuss with you words that express happiness


Good morning! I must narrate this incident to you, since it happens to be related to the language you and I like. This elderly gentleman comes regularly to the gym, the first time I spoke to him, I thought he had some speech affliction but later I realised that the difficulty in comprehension was owing

Be a Star Sales Person

  Be a Star Sales Person Have you ever wondered how some sales pros crack the deal faster than those who can barely catch hold of their prospects? Or have you ever felt the pinch of being turned down by a potential client and eventually seeing them converted a money-making customer by a fellow sales


Good morning! Yawns are infectious, one person yawns and, one by one, the whole room, the whole bus, the whole area, will follow suit. And, if there’s one thing that’s equally communicable, it is checking one’s mobile phones. Yeah, it’s called ‘phone yawns’; it’s one of the newly formed terms. It means that if one


Good morning! A lady at a wedding ceremony was admonishing her kids for playing with bows and arrows and aiming the arrows at each other. So they changed the directions and started shooting the arrows towards the sky. The lady again yelled, “Don’t shoot the arrows upstairs, they’ll fall on everyone around.” Well! I’m certain,


Good morning! A dear friend says that she doesn’t want to learn grammar, but she does want to learn English and that she finds my Wednesday articles on tenses very difficult (she was kind enough, not to say ‘boring’). Is that so? Ouch! I’m hurt. Nah! Jokes apart, I can understand that grammar does become

Duck Is Not Always A Duck!

“Duck Is Not Always A Duck!”, then what exactly is it? Well, this and some more wait to be unwrapped, as the book opens to a merry ride, no less than a motion picture, ntroducing the world of the most sought after language in this ‘tiny’ planet of ours. Weaved with the precision of a

Read for Fun, Read to Learn

Hi, there! We all know that English has a lot of importance in education, social life and professional life, but does English make a person more employable? In a conference, someone raised this question, ‘Does English make people employable?’ Well! Does it? Does English give you an added advantage over others? No, don’t give me

Speaking English with Me

Hi, there! Namaste is a Sanskrit word. So then why am I greeting you with a ‘Namaste’, when the task assigned to me is teaching of English? The answer is simple, like many Sanskrit words, ‘Namaste’ has also found a venerable (respected, esteemed) place in the Oxford English Dictionary. Thus, ‘Namaste’ is as much English

Speak English with Me

Hi, there! You must always speak with confidence, whether you are speaking in English, Hindi or any other language. Obviously, when you are not very conversant with a particular language, you will find it difficult to muster up the courage to speak, but so what? You do make mistakes when speaking in your mother tongue,

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