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Words Vibe provides training solutions in the areas of Soft skills and Communication to corporate houses/ educational industry and other organizations where training in soft skills helps an individual to perform better by getting over the hurdles of attitude/ poor communication/ language problem/ time constraints/ lack of motivation/ leadership etc.

Each professional excels in his/ her chosen profession depending upon his/ her acquired knowledge and his/ her caliber. The problem arises when the same professional has to interact with many people at the same time- people coming from different backgrounds/ value systems and maybe ethics. It is here when the crises begin.

Take for example Samay a young executive who was brilliant in his work as a charted accountant, his academic record was par excellence and his performance showed that he had a long way to go. But Samay was also the only child of his parents, in fact the only son in his entire family of various aunts and uncles. He was so used to being pampered and getting his own way that it hit him hard when the first time his boss rebuked him for a minor fault.

The more he interacted with people the more he found it difficult to adjust, the world of these people did not revolve around him and; therefore, they were quick to be sarcastic, to criticize and to point out his mistakes. Slowly Samay’s performance started falling and he became more and more frustrated.

Another example is of Shwetang a very nice guy, a thorough gentleman and a good employee. He was so cordial that he could never say ‘no’! After all he could not hurt people, and saying ‘no’ meant hurting people. So he went on saying ‘yes’ ‘yes’ and kept on doing other peoples’ work when he should have been doing his. Even his seniors could see what was happening to him; they tried explaining, but failed in front of Shwetang’s ‘niceness’. There came a point when Shwetang was left with so much of piled up work that he either had to quit or say ‘no’. Shwetang chose to quit.

Words Vibe trains professionals to rise above their already existing natures and find a suitable path to meet the demands of the situation, thereby, improving and excelling in coherence with others.

Words Vibe believes in quality training, training which aims towards reaching concrete goals. We firmly believe that each individual carries within himself/herself a mine of potentials, which if tapped properly can create astonishing results. A trained personnel is better equipped than an untrained one as he/ she is professionally trained to handle pressures; whereas an untrained individual valiantly learns by trial and error.

“Break a leg!” Oops…does that sound violent? Absolutely not. The magic of idioms and the versatility of words are the strengths of Words Vibe. 22 years of trust and quality service has seen milestones coming our way and it is because we treat every assignment of ours as a special one. For one, English has been a tough nut to crack for many, but for the ones who sought their guidance from Words Vibe have been writing success stories ever since.

Words Vibe has never followed the thumbs rule of a closed classroom with strictness as its benchmark, rather ‘Infotainment’ has been the penchant for its founders, Mr. Girish Pillai, Ms Shipra Raju and Dr. Surabhi Pillai. It’s different from the other tutorials or training centers in the city and you will know the difference, the moment you visit us. All it will take is to walk in to Words Vibe…and the rest will be proven; as they say, experience is your best teacher.

So what makes success sweeter? It is the faculty, the teaching environment, the method of how English is made easier in a way that even a beginner will develop a passion towards the language, and when you have passion, you believe in giving your 100%.

Our Vision
  • To ensure that our participants have excellent communication skills
  • To help people realize their potential by equipping them with excellent tools of communication
  • To help people learn English and other soft skills effortlessly and with ease
  • To help bridge the gap between the management and the personnel by improved interpersonal communication
words vibe vision
words vibe mission
Our Mission
  • To give world class training in English, Communication and other Soft Skills
  • To continue developing new strategies to make learning joyous
  • To make people excellent and confident speakers and communicators
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