Good morning! Appreciation is an art not everyone excels in. Usually we are very quick when it comes to criticising others, but very frugal (economical, thrifty, sparing) with words of approval. But such is not the case with Rekha, a dear friend, who loves to shower you with her praises that are not just encouraging, but motivate you into performing better.

Now-a-days when you go shopping with kids for their wardrobe, you have no option but to buy stuff that has all their favourite cartoon characters on them. There are interesting t- shirts of Hannah Montana, Ben-10, Bayblade… you name it and your child’s most loved cartoons would be there smiling on a water bottle or a lunch box. Even pencils and erasers carry a little picture of these adored cartoons.

Such is the impact of the cartoons on these kids that they mimic them and adopt their style of speaking, etc. Then why not use these cartoons for language learning and switching on to English speaking cartoons? Recently I saw Tom and Jerry in Telugu and my belief that cartoons hone one’s language skills pretty quick strengthened. I picked up so many words from Telugu-speaking Tom and Jerry — paduko (sleep), paalu (milk), chala (very)…
Someone recently asked me, whether it was okay to use these expression ‘Howz you?’ or ‘How’s you?’ Grammatically these two sentences are incorrect. The correct sentence should be ‘How are you?’ But in informal English, this deviation from the regular usage is accepted.

•   What is the difference between a la carte and buffet?

A la carte means to select different food articles from the menu (list of options). A buffet, on the other hand, is a self-service form of dining in which the customer pays a fixed price and can have as much food as he or she wishes.

Bye for today and remember to appreciate people whole-heartedly and genuinely.

Keep smiling… 

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