Hello! Two hundred and eleven is considered to be an auspicious number and so I shall celebrate my two hundred and eleventh article. In the span of writing these two hundred and eleven articles I learnt, I taught, I learnt some more and I taught some more, my photo changed from the one in black to the one in purple and the great part is,  I got to meet and interact with some zealous (keen) learners.

I hope in this period, I have been able to teach you enough English to make that pompous friend of yours jealous. Well! If you recall, the basic idea was to learn to speak and write English that would make those stiff upper lipped (arrogant, haughty) friends of yours go green with envy.

Today we shall learn a few phrases that have come to me as queries:

You’re kidding me- It’s an American expression, more informal in nature and is used when someone wants to express disbelief or to say, ‘I don’t really believe you’.

Example: You met Shahrukh Khan in person! You’re kidding me, aren’t you?

Logorrhoea (pronounced as ‘LOG- UhRIYA’) – It means excessive use of words or incoherent loquaciousness (meaning- talkativeness/ pronounced as ‘LAW- KWESH- YUS- NESS’). You will find innumerable examples of ‘logorrhoea’ on all those twenty-four-hour news channels, going ballistic (meaning- to be irrational/ pronounced as ‘B- LIS-TIK’, the ‘B’ in ballistic is to be pronounced as the ‘B’ in the word ‘Balloon’) about all kinds of issues.

Example: The merciless brutal murderer caught hold of his blood-stained razor sharp knife and stabbed the crying and begging man not just once but again and again and again and again. Even this gory act was not enough for him, for his blood thirsty ever hungry appetite wanted more….

To tag along- The expression means to go with someone but uninvited, the phrase is not a very polite one. You wouldn’t want to use it for someone you respect or who is a senior. It is usually used for friends and people who are younger and of course behind a person’s back (in the absence of a person). You could also use it for yourself.

Example: My younger brother tags along with us whenever we go for an outing.

I tagged along with my friend to go for a movie.

Suggested answers (please remember, when replacing words in a text, you have to keep in mind their contextual meaning more than their dictionary meaning):

Getting into- indulging

Debate- argument

Cantankerously- complainingly

Mollycoddle- pamper, fuss over

Give into- accept

Limit- end

Whims and fancies- fanciful ideas

Put herself first- consider herself first

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Bye for now and have a lovely week ahead…

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