Good morning! Together with the desire to learn English, public speaking also captivates most people’s mind. The flourishing public speaking courses would give you a glimpse of that. Actually, like English, speaking in public is also a child’s play; however, both happen to frighten the learners.

Today, on request mails of a number of readers, I am talking about public speaking. So many of us have this problem. We know so much. In fact, there are things that we know more than the others and yet when it comes to presentation we fail.

The moment we have people around us we forget everything, fear grips us and we just can’t speak.

Why does this happen?
There are many reasons for the fear of speaking in public. Let’s see what these fears are:
– People will laugh at me
-So many eyes will be looking at me
– I look too fat or too thin
– I am not wearing the right clothes
– People will ask me difficult questions
– I don’t have enough knowledge You know what!

You’re not the only one with these fears. Every new speaker has this fear of speaking in front of people. Forget about new speakers, seasoned speakers also at times go through a similar fright. I still get butterflies in my stomach when I have to speak before any new audience. Let’s learn how to fight with these fears and be able to speak in front of people. I am sure you have noticed that if you are frightened of animals, they smell your fear and frighten you further. A dog will run barking behind you when it smells your fear; even a docile animal like cow can smell your fear and try to bully you by its horns.

But if you are not afraid of them, they will either not notice you or will avoid you. Similarly, audience can smell your fear and will start dominating you, bullying you, that is, if you don’t get over your fear fast. And once, you lose control over your own presentation and the attention of your audience, it is tough to get them bacsk.
Remember these small tips and you will shine through your interaction with people:

1 Be confident in your own skin, don’t try to compete with or copy anyone.
2 Speak in the language you are comfortable in.
3 If you are speaking in English and you’re not very good at it, it’s ok. Big deal!
4 Be prepared, know your subject.
5 And even if you don’t know something, don’t worry. Tell the listeners that you will get back to them with the answers.
6 Be polite. Don’t get into useless arguments.
7 Don’t tell silly jokes or else you will have to tell the audience, “Please laugh the joke is over.” Not everyone is good at cracking jokes.
8 Smile at your audience. Nobody likes grumpy faces.
Speaking in public and keeping the listeners engrossed with what you are saying is an art which anyone can achieve with practice.

So practice and within no time you’ll be loved in every gathering and every party. In the next article, I shall tell you all about my own experiences as a public speaker and how I learnt to grit my teeth (to grind or clench one’s teeth together in anger or determination) and not jump off the stage and run away with my tail between my legs (to run away in fear). Keep smiling…

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