Be a Star Sales Person


Be a Star Sales Person

Have you ever wondered how some sales pros crack the deal faster than those who can barely catch hold of their prospects? Or have you ever felt the pinch of being turned down by a potential client and eventually seeing them converted a money-making customer by a fellow sales team member? Sound devastating but let’s keep our emotions aside and get real… What is it that a SALES PRO has that I DO NOT possess?

You may have a degree, diploma or PhD. in selling but if you do not control these three ‘tameable’ traits you ought to lose some serious business. Let’s have a look at what sells before you begin selling,

  1. Your Personality carves Your First Impression 

English, is it? I bet most of us believe it is the style, accent and vocabulary that impresses clients beyond anything else but let me share a small secret with you – your image is set the second you say ‘hello’ over the phone. Ever received a call from a customer service personnel and turned it down just because they did not allow you to speak? And, the next moment received a call for the same product and given it a thought? Think of what was different? Right from the greetings to sharing the details to the last word they spoke, it all boils down to THE FIRST APPROACH!


  1. Communicating to Qualify

The most important aspect to qualify a prospect into a fruitful client is the presentation of your product or service. And, when I say presentation it is not the beautification of your brochure or your excellent pre-made sales speech instead it is how simple you make it for them to understand. Imagine if an English Trainer tells you your usage of ‘subject verb agreement’ or ‘auxiliaries’ need improvements your reaction will be, ‘duh uh’ or ‘wait, what?’Similarly, communicating in a language that can be easily understood can help you sink in the idea of your business.


  1. Boost Profits – Invest in Sales Training

The one who continuously learns is the one who wins. In this modern age, trends change in seconds and it can be difficult to keep up with all latest notions of selling. However, it is always recommended to invest in selling workshops or programs conducted for sales professionals. This can help you enhance your existing skills and add a technique or two in your bucket of new ideas.


The best way to hone your sales team or to develop your personality as a customer or client service personnel is by participating in workshops that allow you to explore various methods of sales and business development.

Sales training programs enable you to learn from others experiences and helps you come up with new client acquisition ideas and build sales strategies. As a company, bringing your entire sales team under one roof and getting them trained by professional trainers can help in bringing a uniformity in their approach. Team building comes as a value addition to the training.

Specially designed workshops for sales and customer service professionals can help you accomplish your endeavor of being a star sales person. There are several courses for selling skills in Ahmedabad that can boost your performance and increase your sales from being marginal to profit-making. Interested in attending a sales workshop? Visit

Written by Tanya D’souza


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