What you do today, can revolutionise all your tomorrows.

What you do today, can revolutionise all your tomorrows.

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you don’t stop. If you are wondering how to crack IELTS in Ahmedabad, you’ve come to the right stop. IELTS is not a spectator sport. It demands diligence, commitment, vigour and will. You leave the learning part to us. Our professional experienced staff coupled

Achieve Your Desired Band in IELTS and Travel to the Country of Your Dreams

With increasing global opportunities and countries welcoming immigrants’, people now migrate from one country to another for better prospects and education. People migrate for a number of reasons. It can be to elevate their standards of living, to get a better education and in turn better job opportunities, to experience independence while living in another

IELTS in Ahmedabad

With almost every country asking for an IELTS for a student’s visa or permanent residency, IELTS has become a lifeline of sorts for foreign going aspirants. Irrespective of whether one knows English well or not or has ever paid attention to it, one has no option but to prepare for IELTS in order to get

Lift for a Great Body by Tanya D’souza

So, once somebody asked me, ‘Why do you workout and for Christ sake why do you even lift heavy weights…? Stop intimidating men, I mean, you’re perfect and you’ve got a body anyone would desire…’ Now, I wasn’t astonished since I have been asked this question a million times by both men and women and

The Key Problem to Cracking Competitive Exams & its Solution

English is not just a language today; it has evolved and has evolved for the better. The ‘global language’ tag has helped it come out of the classrooms of the nation’s schools and become one of the most sought after strata (part) of the current society. May it be for communication, for recognition, for success,

English – A Language OR Style Status? by Tanya D’souza

Helloe People! I am BACK… And, today being the last day of the year, I am sure, just like me you are thinking about two things, ‘Jesus, what do I wear for the new year’s party tonight?’ (now, since I didn’t find a pair that I haven’t clicked pictures in I will go for shopping

From India to America ~ Life in USA for Newly Migrated Indians by Shipra Raju

The skyscrapers, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Walmart, Safeway, Walgreens, the freeways, cleanliness, the US standard time (which basically follows nine time zones)…and the list can go on. We love everything American. We want to be called US returned, even though we had gone to visit family as a tourist. What is it about the US of

Introduction to IELTS Writing by Girish Pillai

  The writing test of IELTS is the one I would rate, as one of the tough sections of IELTS, there is a twofold reason as it subjective test; i.e. there are no marks or questions, and what you write can be viewed as from so many angles. So a balanced view is a must,

The TOP FIVE Basic Dining Etiquette YOU MUST follow

Hey Everyone, I am back! So, are you ready for today’s conversation? Now, I’m sure you would all agree that we Indians take absolute pride in, EATING and I can very shamelessly say that I go to buffets to avoid the embarrassment of my triple X servings, bwahhh!! I remember how my Grandma, when I

Why attend English Speaking Classes instead of Self-learning?

“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.” One might wonder at the very mention of a classroom, of how tedious it was to get up in those sleep-induced mornings and to crawl to the walled classrooms that stunk of furnished benches and crisply ironed clothes…the only relief

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