Don’t be under Tension

Don’t be under Tension

Hello! To continue with what I was talking to you all about on Monday, let me just get to the point and give the correct forms of the sentences that I gave the other day: The use of the tag question ‘no’ and ‘ah’. Avoid the use of these tag questions. The use of ‘wala’-

Of course! The Butter Won’t melt in the Mouth

Good morning! People indulge in completely bizarre (odd) strategies, in order to sell their products. Like the one, where even clothes are being offered on installments, à la Yankees… Incredible, isn’t it? Shouldn’t there be an end to this exploitation of human greed and weakness. But then why should we be the interfering busybodies (individuals

Hold My Hand

Hi! I suffer from this huge phobia of flying. Everytime, I travel by plane, anyone who’s my co passenger has had it- he/ she not only has to put up with a howling female but  has to also put up with one constant question and that is, “When will we reach?” No need to laugh

Stop Nagging

Hi! Yesterday, in a bookstore, I happened to overhear a conversation between a couple and their little son. The couple was torturing their poor boy into speaking English and into buying story books of the same language. And the poor boy was nearly in tears with his parents’ half baked knowledge of English and their

The Naughty Bird

Once while looking for a pleasant habitat, a bird happens to see a huge palace. The palace rested on the banks of a flowing River, surrounded by lush green trees. The bird saw the palace and immediately liked it; she decided to make the palace her home, until she got bored of it; which she

Grand Mother’s Bangles

She sat there on the stairs with her head down, dried tears on her face and some unshed ones still in her eyes. The voices were still screaming at her- “It is all her fault, had she not done this heinous task, perhaps he would still be alive!” Rupa Kaki accused “Are! I always knew

Doggies and Some More Doggies*

Good Morning! There are too many dogs on the roads, just too many… there were already a large number of dogs running all over the place in our society, but now a new set of dogs have come (no, they are not puppies who grew up here, they are new dogs) and are creating a

Okey- dokey

Hi! Almost a year and a half back, a participant in one of my training programmes, swaggered in and introduced himself like this, “Hi! I’m ‘M’, an alumni of IIT Delhi. Good to meet you.”  Of course, I was impressed! Needless to say that I was also a bit unnerved, I was about to train

Don’t Lose Your Mojo *

Good morning! Rahul, a reader, was not very happy with what I had to say in Wednesday’s article. According to him, though, I say that one must respond to communication, I don’t do it myself. He had written a mail to me to which I did not respond to immediately and that did not make

Spare the rod and spoil the child *

Hi! ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child’ is a proverb, it means ‘to be strict with your child, if you don’t, the child will get spoilt’. The rod here means a stick. I’m convinced that it was started by those grown- ups who neither had the time nor the patience to spend time with

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