Toilet Roll or लोटा by Surabhi Pillai (Swachhata Abhiyan)

Toilet Roll or लोटा by Surabhi Pillai (Swachhata Abhiyan)

Toilet Roll or लोटा Valid question. Which is cleaner? Okay, so most of us, Indians, would vouch for the ‘lota’ and smirk and say, “Oh! We’re so clean.” Paani se zyada kuch bum ko saaf kar sakta hai?” Nahi na… to bus. Hum sabse clean hain. Sadly, we can go around blowing our own trumpet

Score a 7 BAND with Girish Pillai ~ FREE IELTS Speaking Lesson

Last week we had a look at Part 1 of the IELTS speaking task; this week we shall look at part 2 of the task, most commonly called the cue card. This part of the speaking test checks the ability of the candidate to speak at a stretch for a minimum of 2 minutes. A

English is a Global Language by Shipra Raju

English is a global language, yes, it is. But do you know children around the globe have deficiencies in English language. That’s not which cannot be handled, though. The issue is not lack of English skills, but the way the language is taught. In India, we all learn the English alphabet, mostly before we start

Hey! Lady, you’re Beautiful… by Surabhi Pillai

You are already beautiful, just a bit of care and you’ll look like a million dollar. Yes, most of the women aspire to look beautiful. Sadly, since childhood, women are fed with false notions of beauty, ‘Only fair girls are pretty.’ ‘You’ll look pretty if you’re thin.’ ‘Chee, look at your thighs, they’re so fat

Stop Crying at your Workplace by Surabhi Pillai

    Our personality is made of a number of things. Most of us believe that personality depends on ‘appearance’, this, actually, is a fallacy. Personality entails a lot more than just appearance. Your personality is made up of how you view things, your attitude towards life, your behavior with people and a host of

Grooming in a city like Ahmedabad, is it necessary?

Hey everyone! Imagine you come across someone who is beautifully dressed and this man or woman walk towards you, looks in your eyes and says, ‘You hottie, can you fraaandship me?’ Burrgh! If I were to be approached like this I would’ve wanted to dig a hole on the land I’m standing on and ask

Pitthu & Bittu ~ Simmi Darling in Cinthol

Ummm, I’m sleepy but, today the day was complex… like it was kind of funny, I mean, I don’t really know… It was afternoon, all the grownups were snoring in their rooms. Pitthu and I were playing hide and seek, the Kapoor kids were here, at home, and so were the Kaushik kids. I hate

Pitthu ka Bhai Bittu ~ Her face is like potty

I didn’t know what to do? OMG, Pitthu, my poor sister, is getting the yelling of her life. It’s a scene that is a nightmare for a small five year old child like me. Bua is standing in a corner, howling. Why does she make such ugly faces, when she howls? She wrinkles up her

IELTS Speaking SIMPLIFIED with Girish Pillai

IELTS Speaking SIMPLIFIED with Girish Pillai Introduction Speaking is the shortest and could be the easiest of the four tasks of IELTS. Confidence is the key, and the ability to process the question and answer without any hesitation could boost your score. Today let’s focus on the first part of the speaking task. Part 1

Pitthu & Bittu ~ Who Are We?

Hi! My name is Pitthu. I am five years old. Everyone thinks that I’m too small, but I know that i’m not. Sometimes, my family, especially Raman bhaiya, do weird stuff and think that I don’t understand what they are doing. Maybe not the whole thing, but I do know that what they, especially Raman

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