Brain- less Spell Check

Hi, there! English spellings are going to dogs (getting poorer). Forget about smses and social networking sites, people have started becoming lax (careless) with spellings even when they are writing formal documents.
I am all for modernity and newness, but you can’t become completely gross (uncultured) when it comes to spellings, especially when writing formal documents. So, do not depend entirely on spell checks and auto corrects. Sometimes computers are pretty dumb (not intelligent, stupid), they do not know the difference between one word and another and can leave you in embarrassing situations, like this one.
I received a well meant email from a student, but because of obvious confusion between the two words ‘mail and male’, the mail instead of becoming what it was meant to be, became hilarious (funny).
Here’s an excerpt (selection) of the e- mail:
“Thanks for males you are sending last nights. An amazing males very beautiful. I am loving reading your males. They are having good points, commas, full stops and other requirements. I am wishing I am could sending such males to all. After all, all good friends deserving nice, warm, happy males one day in week. I am sending your type males to all.” Yours truly.”

But for the huge error in the spelling of ‘mail’, this e- mail could have been quite decent; sadly, the spelling error, that is, ‘male’ makes it obscene (indecent) and side- splitting (hilarious, very funny).

So, do not depend too much on the spell check because the poor fellow does not have a brain of its own, after having keyed in anything, always proof- read your work and use your own discretion (be careful).

‘Separate and definitely’ are two very commonly misspelt words and almost always, these words see a red line under them, which means that the computer has to use his knowledge of the spellings to correct your mistakes.

Some of the most commonly misspelt words that you must learn are:

– Acceptable
– Believe
– Calendar
– Changeable
– Discipline
– Embarrass
– Exhilarate
– Foreign
– Guarantee
– Harass
– Jewelry
– Leisure
– License
– Maintenance
– Neighbour
– Restaurant
– Schedule
– Their/ there
– Until
– Vacuum
– Whether/ weather

The only way to make sure that it is you and not the computer that decides which spelling is to be used, is by remaining conscious of these things:

1. Similar sounding words with different spellings- homophones
2. Be careful when writing plural of a word
3. Be careful of the differences between the British spellings and American spellings
4. Use a dictionary
5. Get your work checked by someone else too
6. Try not to take short- cuts even when keying in messages on your phones
7. Don’t rely on electronic spellcheckers. They can miss errors—especially when you have used the wrong word but spelled it correctly.


Incorrect: You mite knead sum money two go two the station.
Correct: You might need some money to go to the station.

Well, people, I am sure after reading this article, you must have got some insight (understanding) of English spellings. So, go for it and do not allow the computers to make a laughing stock of you (allow people to laugh at you).

Oh, BTW, (by the way) if you go back to the initial paragraphs, you will notice that I have used the term ‘poor fellow’ for a computer, also I’ve addressed a computer as a ‘he’ as if it were a person. Did you check? Well, computer is a machine and not a person, so why did I call it ‘a poor fellow’ and ‘he’?

This method of giving human like quality to anything is called ‘personification’. I’ll talk more about it later.

Keep smiling…

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