Pitthu & Bittu ~ Simmi Darling in Cinthol

Pitthu & Bittu ~ Simmi Darling in Cinthol

Ummm, I’m sleepy but, today the day was complex… like it was kind of funny, I mean, I don’t really know… It was afternoon, all the grownups were snoring in their rooms. Pitthu and I were playing hide and seek, the Kapoor kids were here, at home, and so were the Kaushik kids. I hate

Pitthu ka Bhai Bittu ~ Her face is like potty

I didn’t know what to do? OMG, Pitthu, my poor sister, is getting the yelling of her life. It’s a scene that is a nightmare for a small five year old child like me. Bua is standing in a corner, howling. Why does she make such ugly faces, when she howls? She wrinkles up her

Pitthu & Bittu ~ Who Are We?

Hi! My name is Pitthu. I am five years old. Everyone thinks that I’m too small, but I know that i’m not. Sometimes, my family, especially Raman bhaiya, do weird stuff and think that I don’t understand what they are doing. Maybe not the whole thing, but I do know that what they, especially Raman

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