Toilet Roll or लोटा by Surabhi Pillai (Swachhata Abhiyan)

Toilet Roll or लोटा by Surabhi Pillai (Swachhata Abhiyan)

Toilet Roll or लोटा Valid question. Which is cleaner? Okay, so most of us, Indians, would vouch for the ‘lota’ and smirk and say, “Oh! We’re so clean.” Paani se zyada kuch bum ko saaf kar sakta hai?” Nahi na… to bus. Hum sabse clean hain. Sadly, we can go around blowing our own trumpet

Stop Crying at your Workplace by Surabhi Pillai

    Our personality is made of a number of things. Most of us believe that personality depends on ‘appearance’, this, actually, is a fallacy. Personality entails a lot more than just appearance. Your personality is made up of how you view things, your attitude towards life, your behavior with people and a host of

Etiquette and Manners with Surabhi Pillai

There’s more than just looks that makes a personality. One of the key ingredient of having an awesome personality is having proper etiquette and manners. Actually etiquette and manners are acquired in schools, it is the schools that should teach proper manners and etiquette. Sadly, not many schools take up this responsibility and the students

Surabhi Pillai’s English Classes ~ RAIN FALLS

Good morning! A few days back in a workshop at a corporate house, I was very surprised to observe that the participants even at the middle level management find it difficult to differentiate between simple words like ‘bed’ and ‘bad’ — everyday words like- anxious, intrigue and optimistic are completely alien to them. Surprisingly, most

Workplace Bullies…

  Workplace bullies… These guys are like smelly f…s. Yes, they are. You could meet them in elevators, work place, schools or colleges and just about anywhere. Your discomfort is what they feed on, so the more uncomfortable you get and run away from them, the stronger they will become. If your kids or anyone


There are people who love to read, there are those who cultivate (develop) the habit of reading and then there are some for whom reading is akin (similar) to a lullaby (soothing song, which puts a child to sleep). When these people start reading, they slip (fall) into a dreamless sleep. Whichever category we may


Good morning! A social networking site like Facebook is great as far as interacting with long lost friends go — meeting childhood friends, colleagues whom you had lost touch with, getting to know new and interesting people… Undoubtedly, a great method of spreading awareness and building liaisons; however, just like a child should not be

The need for soft skills training

With the changing times, the face of the corporate world is also changing, wherein the need-of-the-hour is to have state-of-the-art professionals who are agile enough to meet the growing demands of the industry. These professionals, if trained properly, can gain amazing dexterity in dealing with various on- the-job situations. Each individual carries within himself/herself a

The Temple Bells

Hi, there! It’s a lovely morning, the sounds of temple bells ringing somewhere… harbinger (indication, omen) of hope and a promise of good things to come- by… that was my Facebook status yesterday, but morning today is equally good, if not better. This early morning spectacle (sight) of newspaper vendors running hither and thither (from


Good morning! Diwali has come and gone and how! The aftermath (repercussion, aftershock) remains though, in the form of pollution, heat and protruding waistlines. Yeah, I’m cynical about the use of crackers and nothing that anybody says is going to change my opinion on the ill-effects of crackers on the environment. As for the waistlines,

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