What you do today, can revolutionise all your tomorrows.

What you do today, can revolutionise all your tomorrows.

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you don’t stop. If you are wondering how to crack IELTS in Ahmedabad, you’ve come to the right stop. IELTS is not a spectator sport. It demands diligence, commitment, vigour and will. You leave the learning part to us. Our professional experienced staff coupled

IELTS in Ahmedabad

With almost every country asking for an IELTS for a student’s visa or permanent residency, IELTS has become a lifeline of sorts for foreign going aspirants. Irrespective of whether one knows English well or not or has ever paid attention to it, one has no option but to prepare for IELTS in order to get

English – A Language OR Style Status? by Tanya D’souza

Helloe People! I am BACK… And, today being the last day of the year, I am sure, just like me you are thinking about two things, ‘Jesus, what do I wear for the new year’s party tonight?’ (now, since I didn’t find a pair that I haven’t clicked pictures in I will go for shopping

Score a 7 BAND with Girish Pillai ~ FREE IELTS Speaking Lesson

Last week we had a look at Part 1 of the IELTS speaking task; this week we shall look at part 2 of the task, most commonly called the cue card. This part of the speaking test checks the ability of the candidate to speak at a stretch for a minimum of 2 minutes. A

Hey! Lady, you’re Beautiful… by Surabhi Pillai

You are already beautiful, just a bit of care and you’ll look like a million dollar. Yes, most of the women aspire to look beautiful. Sadly, since childhood, women are fed with false notions of beauty, ‘Only fair girls are pretty.’ ‘You’ll look pretty if you’re thin.’ ‘Chee, look at your thighs, they’re so fat


Dear Readers, Good morning! Why did I start with ‘Dear Readers’? Well, that’s how one is supposed to start a letter— with an apt salutation. To make it ultra formal, I could have started with just ‘Readers’, but then there is no need for any formality between us now. You are ‘dear’ to me and,

Diet & Fitness Tips to follow during Ramadan

Diet & Fitness Tips to follow during Ramadan:  Ramadan, a blissful expedition of 30 days observed by Muslims across the globe. The essence of this festivity lies in sacrifice, prayer and almsgiving and today, I am going to speak about Roza specifically,the Islamic approach of abstaining from food and water. Ramadan, during the summers, can

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