Corporate Training

Office learning can be fun and educative at the same time. Imagine that one span where you get to mingle and learn with your colleagues and come out of the room filled with confidence and brimming with fun and facts about English.

What we have in our kitty is an enviable list of clients, each one of them being an example of how Words Vibe takes its assignments seriously, whether it be a firm or an individual. The Zydus group, ISRO, Maxim, O2H are few of the names which feature on the list and we continue to offer our services to the same by carrying out the courses in batches. ‘Teaching them in their own turfs,’ is what we call it. It isn’t just in Ahmedabad or Gujarat, Words Vibe has traveled across the country to train the corporates in the Queen’s language.

Personal/ individual coaching:

Individual Training is conducted for very high profile people. We have specialized training for- top managers, entrepreneurs, high profile politicians, celebrities and other industry people. Highlights of Individual Training:

  1. One to one trainings
  2. Complete personal attention and grooming
  3. Confidential, on the request of the client
  4. Convenient timings

Each participant comes with a different league of requirements. Our faculty from Words Vibe interacts with each participant to know what the requirements are and works on them accordingly, for best results. A comprehensive interview of the prospective participant is carried out for the same. The following topics are taken into account for:

  1. English speaking
  2. Public speaking
  3. Etiquettes and manners
  4. Body language
  5. Personality rebuilding
  6. Communication skills

Staff Training:

An entire batch often means dividing attention for each participant, which may result in less productivity. Here at WV, we ensure a proper, need based training for each participant which leads to maximum productivity. The training ranges from the top level managers, to the juniors to even the stakeholders. The following areas are covered with 100% results in the past.

  1. English Speaking/ Writing: The basic version, as much as it is, is also the most vital part of communication. Do not worry even if you can’t spell something correctly. We have trained similar people and have made them taste success in more ways than one.
  2. Business English: A tad different from the above in matters of usage but miles away from the former in terms of productivity, business English, if used in the right manner, may work wonders for you. We train you to be the best in your field and outsmart your counterparts.
  3. Email Communication: Under the guidance of WV, learn to handle the electronic mail like a pro. Write it in a smooth, impressive manner and we bet…it will make a difference.
  4. Social Media Communication: With the S-handle being used by over a billion people today, keeping up with the trend has become a necessity. We here at WV, not only are more than happy to help you, but will train you to make the most of it, and of course, in a wise way.
  5. Leadership Communication: It isn’t a common man’s world anymore. Nope! Walk, talk, dress like a leader. The air should reverberate with the energy you ooze. Effective leadership communication, here at Words Vibe is taught with the expert trainers, who will not let the feather loose till you are a pro.
  6. Grooming : A well trained person is a thousand times better than a fresher. Be a fresher…but a trained one at that, too and you will witness the growth confidence growing within you and yes, it surely will make the difference.
  7. Office Etiquette: A tie for a tie and a compliment for a compliment. When to say it, where to wear it, how to do it…the answers rest with us. After all, a good professional is not only an asset, but also a model for many…to learn and to aspire.
  8. Sales & Marketing: Heard of the man who sold oil to Iran? No? Well, neither have we. WV, though, imbibes in you the same confidence required for effective sales and marketing. The world has grown to be an e-village and absolutely no boundaries are there to stop you from dreaming big…or from selling big. Come and train with us…and make the difference.
  9. Presentation Skills: Be it a board meeting or handling the mic at a function, the way one presents a certain topic makes all the difference, both to you and to the people who make up for the audience. Excellent presentation skills will make people swarm around you for a word.
  10. Public Speaking: Get over the butterflies in the stomach, sweaty palms and shivering knew when you walk up the stage. Be confident as a leader and talk like one, to make the others listen with rapt attention. WV provides you the stage and the confidence too.
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