Personal/ Individual Coaching

Personal or individual Training is conducted for very high profile people or those who for some reason cannot attend group coaching. For such people, Words Vibe customizes programs that focus on individual training requirement.

WV has specialized training for- top managers, entrepreneurs, high profile politicians, celebrities and other industry people. Highlights of Individual Training:

  1. One to one trainings
  2. Complete personal attention and grooming
  3. Confidential, on the request of the client
  4. Convenient timings

Each participant comes with a different league of requirements. Our faculty from Words Vibe interacts with each participant to know what the requirements are and works on them accordingly, for best results. A comprehensive interview of the prospective participant is carried out for the same. The following topics are taken into account for:

  1. English speaking
  2. Public speaking
  3. Etiquettes and manners
  4. Body language
  5. Personality rebuilding
  6. Communication skills

Go ahead friends, now no need to feel shy. Learn without the fear of people knowing. If you want your learning to be a secret, so be it! Shhhh… your secret is our secret!

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