Don’t Ascribe a Woman’s Success to her Beauty Alone

Don’t be a dud and ascribe a woman’s success to her beauty alone. Of course being beautiful could give an added advantage, but tell me something- would a bank employ a woman who doesn’t have a clue of what numbers look like, just because she happens to have the looks of a model? Or would a flourishing company designate a woman to the post of a CEO, even though her grey cells are not quite equipped enough to handle the pressures of her post merely because she looks like Angelina Jolie?

I tell you some people (let me call them morons) are so bloody jealous of a woman’s success that they’ll resort to all kinds of nasty rumors to undermine her success.

Yesterday, I met a moron who was talking about this very pretty lady in his office who seems to be jumping the ladder of success real fast. According to him, the lady used her charms to get the promotions and that he (the moron) stood no chance in front of her. “Ha… ha… ha…,” he said, “I don’t have the assets”. I felt like boxing his ears and telling him, “You bet you don’t, for there seems to be some serious damage in your brain”.

You know folks, in this maddeningly- menacingly competitive world even the most accomplished of philanderers would first want to protect his pockets than hire a woman at the top post only because of her ‘assets’.

Thus, if a woman is there, calling the shots and is way above you then believe it that she’s there because of her hard work, perseverance and undoubtedly her intelligence. And don’t you dare make her beauty a liability for her.

Have the gumption to pat the lady on the back and say, ‘’Three cheers to you”.

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