Don’t be under Tension

Hello! To continue with what I was talking to you all about on Monday, let me just get to the point and give the correct forms of the sentences that I gave the other day:

  1. The use of the tag question ‘no’ and ‘ah’. Avoid the use of these tag questions.
  2. The use of ‘wala’- milkwala, breadwala, rickshawwala. No ‘wala’ should be added to the English words, it is ‘the milkman’, ‘the baker’ and ‘the rickshaw driver’.
  3. ‘Convented or convent educated’ the terms are widely used for girls who have studied in Christian schools, they should be rectified by ‘an English medium school’, if you must specify; then let it be explained by ‘Christian missionary school’.
  4. The term ‘wheatish complexioned’ should be replaced by ‘brown skinned’, even though you may like the sound of ‘wheatish complexioned’ more than the correct term.

A few more of these phrases:

  • Foreign returned- Many people use this expression for a person who has visited a foreign country. Example: The teacher is foreign returned. But the right expression is ‘The teacher has visited a foreign country.’
  • Near and dear ones- is used for people who are close, that is, friends and relatives. Example: He came with his near and dear ones to drop me at the station. ‘Near and dear ones’ must be replaced by ‘family and friends’. So the sentence should read like this: ‘He came with his family and friends to drop me at the station.
  • Prepone- Once again, there is no such word like ‘prepone’ in Standard English; however it is liberally used by everyone as the opposite of ‘postpone’. The correct word would be ‘rescheduled’ or rearranged’, but definitely no ‘preponed’.
  • To be under tension- This phrase is used when someone is stressed, but be careful as it is wrong, the right phrase is ‘to be under pressure’.

I know! It’s a shocker, isn’t it? Up until now, you’ve been using so many of these phrases without even realizing that they were not really correct. So what, guys learning is an ongoing process and everyday there is something new to be learnt… Every now and then, I come across English words that sound Greek and Latin to me or words that I’ve never seen before and I think that it would be the case with the best of the English teachers too. So let’s all pledge to continue learning and accept being challenged for that what we have already learnt. What say?

Be with you all on Friday again.

Keep smiling…


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