Duck Is Not Always A Duck!

“Duck Is Not Always A Duck!”, then what exactly is it? Well, this and some more wait to be unwrapped, as the book opens to a merry ride, no less than a motion picture, ntroducing the world of the most sought after language in this ‘tiny’ planet of ours. Weaved with the precision of a spider and prepared with themagic of the wittiest of the chefs, this ‘language soup fabric’ is sure to spin you round your senses. English…would never look the same, with 100 articles taking charge of the fun factor hidden beneath the alphabets; it’s time the world wakes up to the fact that English is more than just a language…it’s a way of living…a guide to one’s expressions…a matter of carrying oneself…a tool to accelerate spontaneity…and then if you have a reason more…then it’s a language. The popular columnist, Surabhi Pillai, serves the language and its tastes in the most exciting way ever.

Ranging from the roots of the language, to its growth as a full-fledged global communicative system, shows the biggest paradigm shift ever witnessed. For a ‘sophomore’, the book presents a guide to learn and live English, and for the avid reader (read not so avid, too!), a roller coaster ride is written on the cards. Phrases, vocabularies, anecdotes, pronunciation, grammar, et al brought under one roof proves the versatility of the language and how easily one can mingle with it…just as the water takes the shape of the glass, within a snap.

James Caan, once said(over the cloud of smoke from the cigar), “my least favourite phrase in the English language is I don’t care.” The book opens up a cocooned arena, with a varied insight of the language. English As A Whole from English As A Hole, is what the writer puts up and by the end of the book, the reader would be gasping (in English, of course), for more. Time to take the plunge and get drowned in the vastness of English…English…English. Was that an echo? Nope, just a figure of speech (read repetition).

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