Hi! It is evening right now and I’m keying in this article. It is perhaps the most relaxing time of the day for some and the most hectic time of the day for the others. Dusk (evening), the ending of the day, the setting of the sun — when the sky is filled with colourful hues (shades) of orange, when the birds are flying back to their abode (house, dwelling)… no wonder, then, that the sunset points are such a craze among all.

Like sunset is known as dusk, sunrise is known as ‘dawn’. Dawn has inspired many a poet to make it the theme of their poems. There is a lovely poem by the famous American poet Emily Dickinson called ‘Dawn’. Read it, if you can.

I’m sure, some of you are thinking why I addressed Emily Dickinson, a woman, as a ‘poet’ and not as a ‘poetess’? Well! Now the terms ‘actor’ and ‘poet’ is common for both — men and women. The terms poetess and actress have become redundant (old, outmoded, passé).

Would you like to try out the pronunciation of a few words?

Though Trough Rogue Dough Dove

Pin Been Scheme Phoebe Phoenix

Chair Chaste Cheese Chore Charlatan

Impose Post Boast Coat Bought

Balm Can Mane Aghast Axe

Usurp Unique Urgent Eulogise

Read these words aloud, I shall give you the correct ‘sound’ in the next article. Also do find out the synonyms of the words that look alien (unfamiliar) to you.

The answers:

The gardener watered the plants regularly; however, the owner of the garden still found faults with his work.

They opened the gifts, but found that they liked none of them.

They decided to travel the whole country to get the best talent — Ahmedabad, Gujarat; Mumbai, Maharashtra; Ranchi, Bihar; Chennai, Tamil Nadu and Bhopal Madhya Pradesh.

The man, a teacher, decided to teach the poor kids for free. Over a period of time he realised that because he was teaching for free, the parents of these children took their studies for granted.

Listen, water the plants; go to the market.

Keep reading, keep practicing and keep smiling…

Bye for now.

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