Embarrassed about English! Why on earth?

Hi, there! How are you all? Ok, now that I am done with the pleasantries, (good- natured remarks) let me come straight to the point. Why are some of you so touchy (sensitive) about not knowing English? What is the big deal? We can’t know everything, can we? So!

Almost every day, I come across people who are not good at English and 70 percent of them are so embarrassed about it. Like yesterday, a girl, in one of my sessions, burst into tears because she could not pronounce ‘O’ in BOY properly.

Friends, English is not the language that most of us have grown up with, most of us have only learnt it in school and most of us have only used it when absolutely necessary. Obviously then, suddenly, when you feel the professional need, you cannot speak terrific English.

Honestly, guys, there is no need to be embarrassed about your lack of English communication skills and trust me learning English is very easy, it is a very friendly language. You do not realize it, but most of you are already good at it, it is just that you do not use it and thus you are not aware of the fact that if required you can speak very well.

So take a chill pill and learn English if you think it will help you professionally or if you are travelling out of India or simply because you will feel good about being able to converse in good English. There is no need, I repeat, absolutely no need to be ashamed about it or feel bad about it.

Okay, now that I have given you enough gyan, let me move ahead.

Did you notice that I just used the word ‘gyan’? But it is not an English word, so is it right for me to use this word?

Of course, it is. We all speak a lot of Hindi and Gujarati words while speaking in English.

But is it acceptable?

Sure, it is. If I am speaking amongst people who understand both the languages, then it is alright; however, if I am speaking in the middle of people who only understand English then it is definitely not right. And here, you guys can understand the word ‘gyan’, so it is cool. But then, don’t use this logic in exam, it will not work there. Ha… ha… ha…

Okay, now tell me do you know the difference between ‘hottie’ and ‘haughty’?

Well, ‘hottie’ is used in informal English and it means attractive.


  • Wow, the new girl in the class is quite a hottie.
  • Hi, hottie, how are you?
  • I want to buy new clothes and become a hottie.

And, ‘haughty’ means arrogant, someone who thinks too much of himself or herself.


  • What a haughty attitude, let us ignore him.
  • Smile at everyone otherwise they will think that you are haughty.
  • She is a haughty girl, I do not think she will want to help you.

So, use the spelling wisely, both the words are pronounced similarly, but they are spelt differently.

This is it for today.

Bye for now.

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Keep smiling…

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