English – A Language OR Style Status? by Tanya D’souza

Helloe People! I am BACK… And, today being the last day of the year, I am sure, just like me you are thinking about two things, ‘Jesus, what do I wear for the new year’s party tonight?’ (now, since I didn’t find a pair that I haven’t clicked pictures in I will go for shopping right after our conversation). Some of you may just REWIND and run through all the good, bad, ugly and realizations of 2017…

Today, I am going to talk about a few revelations and thoughts that will shock you and if you know or have met me by any chance you might as well faint… So, hold your chair and get ready to face, THE UGLY TRUTH –

Let me begin with an encounter I had with a woman who happens to be a Consultant who deals with foreign clients especially from US and UK. I had a workshop on Grooming that I was promoting and a friend of mine decided to share a few of his references. The two babes he shared numbers of belonged to the same organization and I quickly placed a call… I began the call with, ‘Hi, I am Tanya D’souza from Words Vibe, am I speaking to ______’ and from the other end came a voice that had a ‘typical desi US accent’ and for the FIRST-EVER-TIME in my life, I stammered while I spoke to someone…

I know your mind’s screaming – So, if you are a Communication Trainer who teaches people ENGLISH why on this planet would you stutter while speaking to anyone? Right, that exactly was what I asked myself and after I spend some time thinking about it I came to this,

All throughout my life I have spoken in English and my accent, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and anything else that makes a native English speaker speak the way they do is the continuous usage of the language. My mother tongue is Konkani (Goan language) but my parents chose to build my base with English. As a child I was fascinated with pronunciations and I would select one amongst the different dialects.

This incident made me realize how big a STYLE STATUS or STATEMENT it is to be able to speak in English and an accent in addition… OMG, I’mma a PRO, baby! However, on the other hand, I’ve come across people who point out at the native accent and say, ‘accent mat jhaad’. Double standards, eh…


Guys, I want you to understand, English is an important part of our lives because it opens doors to numerous opportunities in terms of career, travelling, networking and I wouldn’t deny it gives you a sense of confidence when you are able to articulate your thoughts and ideas. BUT, people, English is NOT a STYLE STATEMENT. It is a wacky language with super weird rules that are conditional. If you really want to learn and express yourself in English all you have to do is to erase the misconceptions of learning the technicalities of grammar and/or speaking in an accent.

The simplest way to speak fluently and confidently is to ACTUALLY SPEAK without hesitating about absolutely anything. Believe me, if you are able to overcome the fear of talking to people in a language that is not very well known to you, you are better off than the ones who don’t try…


THIS IS IT and for next year I wish to interact with all of you readers to know their views on English… I’m going to stick to you and our WORDS VIBE’s blog is going to stand tall as a massive support in your quest to learn a language that’ll tickle your funny bones, make you want to pull your hair (at times) and most importantly, a language that will magnify your chances of getting global exposure.





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