English Communication for Ladies (Working Women, House Wives/ Home Makers, Students)

English Communication for Ladies

Hey! People,

No more getting worried about the PTA meetings in your kids’ schools, no more tears after your hubby’s office party and no more feeling sorry for yourself.

We have the ideal solution for you, equip yourself with excellent English Communication and get that ‘status’ you’ve always wanted to achieve.

Know more:

  • The course starts on- 3rd March/ three days a week
  • Timings- 10 am to 12 noon
  • Contents- Building confidence and fluency in English, vocabulary, grammar, sentence construction, body language, speaking in English in different situations
  • Duration- 50 hours
  • Investment- Rs 15000/- (for a change invest in your future, invest for your personality and status and invest for your confidence)
  • Material shall be provided

Call on 9974093724 for more information

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