Fight The Signs of Aging With These Health Tips



Are hormones playing a lot with your body??

As you touch 40, concerns like easy weight gain, loss of lean body mass, depleting bone health, menopause, skin health keeps you occupied most part of the day. All such concern of yours can be taken care through a good nutrition as is it rightly said that “you are what you eat”.

Good nutrition means inclusion of all nutrients in appropriate amounts in your diet. No nutrient is bad if taken in moderation. Nutrient dense food should be the key to manage such hormonal imbalance. Majorly to be monitored nutrients are protein, vitamin D, calcium, reduce calorie intake as low metabolism at this age needs less calories in comparison to previous years.

Changes in diet can include small and frequent meals which will help in boosting the metabolism like you can:

  • Divide your your daily diet into 7 meals which will include meal from early morning till bed time.This way you will not overeat as till next meal you will not be very hungry and secondly you will be cautious while eating. Hence, you will not intake excess calories and will boost your metabolism too.
  • Hydration is the next important aspect of being healthy and disease free. Drink adequate amount of water and let me tell you no beverage can replace water.
  • Another aspect is to eat healthy and how do we know that we are having all essential nutrients. Just a simple rule of including 5 colours in your plate and you are done. You need not learn that which food is rich in what.
  • Just make sure you are having good amount of seasonal fruits and vegetables which are rich in antioxidants and are specially designed by nature to protect you from that particular season side effects.

Aging is a natural process and everyone will go through this age. So, make sure you age with grace and keep on rocking with your high energy levels, glowing skin along with a disease free life ahead. Just keep on giving kick to your metabolism and you’re all set to go.


Written by Vaishali Khanna


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