God’s Beautiful Creation

Woman Empower


Hey! Woman,
You’re the most beautiful being God created…
It is an honour to be a woman— the ultimate blessing.
If you think and go back to your childhood, most of you will remember that first woman whom you could not do without was- ‘Your Mother’. The lady who spent sleepless nights beside your bedside tending you back to health; the lady who put up with your tantrums and still made your favorite laddoos; the lady who could not stop beaming at your magnificent results and success…
You must’ve met women who became indispensable to you- in the form of your sister, your teacher, your friend, your wife, your daughter, your helper, your colleague… women who cared, women who shed a tear of sorrow and a tear of joy for you.
Each one of us, whether you’re a man or a woman, will not be able to forget that one special woman who stood behind us, beside us, with us- like a rock.
Let’s salute that woman, the rock of Gibraltar…
Keep Smiling,
Surabhi Pillai
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