Grooming in a city like Ahmedabad, is it necessary?

Hey everyone!

Imagine you come across someone who is beautifully dressed and this man or woman walk towards you, looks in your eyes and says, ‘You hottie, can you fraaandship me?’ Burrgh! If I were to be approached like this I would’ve wanted to dig a hole on the land I’m standing on and ask mother nature to bury me in her lap of soil.

Ouch! Did I sound melodramatic, well, yes, I am, I am Tanya D’souza and I am here to voice out on my eccentric thoughts on several issues!

Today, I’m going to talk about GROOMING and if you are fainthearted you might as well want to hold on to your chair because what I’m going to share is going to shake you to the core.


Grooming is about looking glamourous, hot, speaking fluent English with rich accent and vocabulary… It’s about having the 36-24-36 or 6-pack abs with a well-toned booty… Really? Now, I want you to scroll up and read my first paragraph…

Do you really think grooming is all about looks, body and style?


Being Groomed – An Essential for Men and Women

A well-groomed person is the one who takes care of his or her overall being – having a healthy lifestyle boost your energy and levels up your physical, mental and emotional endurance… How?

Why do we clean our rooms and discard the clutters from our houses? The simple reason being hygiene and the flow of positive energy. Similarly, you body is your ‘home sweet home’ – You live in it and cleansing it externally and internally becomes very important.

For a speckless outside you must take care of your oral hygiene, body odour, cut or trim and clean your fingernails and toenails once in a week and of course, scrub the dirt off your body every day. You certainly don’t want someone coming up to you and telling you that you stink, do you?

Grooming in a city like Ahmedabad

Let me share one of my experiences with you, I work towards marketing Words Vibe’s courses and workshops and recently we had a 2-day program for women on grooming. I received a couple of references from my friends (and thank you for being helpful A & H) and I happened to call these women… When I began speaking about WV’s grooming workshop I was baffled at the change in tone from ‘yes, I would love to know more’ to ‘why the hell do you think I am not groomed?

Personality Development and Grooming is multifaceted and covers aspects right from being hygienic, staying active, body language, attitude, communication (and, I don’t mean having a UK or US accent, PLEASE), managing emotions, dining etiquette, social and professional etiquette and a lot more… We can have a separate dictionary on being groomed.

We’re a walking billboard… You want to look (and sound) good to everyone who is watching. ~ Chandler Parsons

I’d love to know your experiences about self-grooming and would be happy to read your comments below. Until the next time, stay bombastic and hot! Your Blog-Jock, T signing off…

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