Hey! Lady, you’re Beautiful… by Surabhi Pillai

You are already beautiful, just a bit of care and you’ll look like a million dollar. Yes, most of the women aspire to look beautiful. Sadly, since childhood, women are fed with false notions of beauty, ‘Only fair girls are pretty.’ ‘You’ll look pretty if you’re thin.’ ‘Chee, look at your thighs, they’re so fat and ugly’, etc… etc…

So, girls without even giving themselves a chance, decide that they are ugly. Don’t do that sweethearts, beauty is much more than just fair skin and skinny thighs. Here are a few tips to look as if you’ve emigrated from heaven:

  1. No matter what you are, short, tall, fat, thin, fair, dark or whatever… love yourselves.
  2. Eat healthy and eat right. Make sure that you’re having the right nutrients for great skin and hair.
  3. Exercise and meditate for physical and mental fitness.
  4. Love your bodies, babes. Trust me every inch of yours is lovely. So stop being nasty to any part of you.
  5. Don’t follow the herd. Something that looks good on her may not look good on you. Develop your own style, be fashionable, but not paranoid about it. Look at celebrities of your body type online and see what looks good on them. Try out the same clothes and see if they suit you. Wear clothes that flatter ‘your’ body type.
  6. Don’t be cheap, buy accessories that spells class. No one buys accessories every- day, so invest in good brands. Your jewelry, your watches, your mobile covers, everything should be classy.
  7. Maintain your hair, your hair should be shiny, healthy and smell nice. Use dry shampoos if you can’t wash your hair daily.
  8. Every inch of you should smell fresh and lovely. Buy expensive perfumes, nothing cheap. So save and save and save and then buy. You cannot smell cheap, no way. People should go crazy when you enter a room.
  9. Be happy all the time. People should associate your name with happiness.
  10. Be gentle, polite and dignified. No loudness of voice or gestures. Never ever use bad words in public, no yelling.

Follow all these points and see how people will start complimenting you.

Love yourself always…



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