Hold My Hand

Hi! I suffer from this huge phobia of flying. Everytime, I travel by plane, anyone who’s my co passenger has had it- he/ she not only has to put up with a howling female but  has to also put up with one constant question and that is, “When will we reach?” No need to laugh guys, only those who suffer from some kind of ‘fear’ will understand this phobia of mine- the rest of you can have a hearty laugh. Do I care? No! Am I embarrassed? Not at all. Big deal! One day soon I’ll be able to fly and sleep through…

This time while flying, I met these two wonderful cabin crew members, Sameer and Nazneen, they were not just courteous, but they actually made an effort to allay (calm) my fears by sharing with me their own irrational fears. Needdless, to say that this time though I did feel scared, I did not cry.   Ha…ha…ha…

The other day I overheard a father telling his lovely little daughter to ‘catch his hand’, the daughter immediately obliged him. But you know what, you ‘catch’ things that can be thrown or are hanging but not body parts as ‘god forbid’ they are attached to each other! So when you want someone to ‘hold your hand’, you say, “Hold my hand”  and not “Catch my hand.”

Let’s check this:

What is the difference between ‘back biting, back stabbing, bad mouthing and abusing’? Okay, I know these are not very good terms to discuss, but then we need  to know the difference.

‘Back biting’ and ‘bad mouthing’ is speaking behind someone’s back. Like- “Nihar has a habit of back biting/ bad mouthing, he talks ill of even people close to him.”

‘“Back stabbing’ is more serious in nature, saying something behind someone’s back that may have harmful effects (something like-disclosing secrets, etc.). ‘Back biting’ may not have serious repercussions (results), but ‘back stabbing’ almost always have serious ramifications (outcome, consequence).

‘Abusing’ is using bad words or using foul language.

Though dictionary may give similar meanings of these terms, in usage they have different connotations. So use accordingly.

A reader asked me the meaning of the idiom ‘like father like son’.

“Like father like son’ means that the ‘son behaves like the father or has habits similar to the father.’

This idiom is used when different generations of a family have same talents or defects.

This is it for today.

For home- work, pick up any five words from my article and make sentences with them.

Keep smiling…

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