How Friends Influence Our Life

Friends are the most amazing gift to us. Their presence brings happiness and joy and adds meaning to our life. We can share our problems easily with friends. We can communicate anything freely with them. Anything good happens in our life we first like to share it with our friends. Be it getting the first job, buying a new dress etc friends know it all. We tend to have fights and arguments over silly issues but at the end of the day the bond of our friendship grows stronger with every fight, with every argument.

Each friend influences our life in some way or the other which may either be positive or negative. Some may try to make you good at something you are weak at while some may try to show you a path that leads to a downfall in life.

Also we tend to get more influenced by our friends than we get with our teachers or parents. This is because we spend most of the time with our friends. No doubt that we are influenced by our parents in the earlier years of our life; as when we are young we have less chance to interact with the outside world. It’s only when we begin to go to school, friends become important to us and play a significant role in our life. At school we tend to dress and behave the same way as our friends. When we enter our teens we tend to feel that the company of our friends is more attractive rather than with our parents because people of the same age group tend to have similarity in their needs, interests and tastes.

Friends influence our life in many ways: As teens we don’t like to stay at home and be with our parents as we find it boring. We tend to like going to school or college so we can meet our friends, chat and play with them. We like to go out for parties with them, thereby we have the opportunity to make new friends and increase our socialization among our friend circle. It’s only with our friends this can happen, we go to a restaurant to eat healthy food but we end up eating junk food like burger and pizzas with extra cheese followed by cold drinks. At the same time we may have a few friends who can influence us through the way they stay fit. It is but obvious if you are in a company of such friends who are diet or health conscious then you too tend to get influenced by them and begin to follow a healthy diet and stay fit and healthy. Good friends are always helpful. There is a proverb: ‘A friend in need is a friend in deed’. True friends’ influence can make you set your goals in life and work towards achieving them. They will always nudge you to get to your goal in life.

Conclusion: Friendship is noble. It is divine. True friends are a gift of God and hold a significant place in our life. Making and keeping friends is very important. Everyone should know how to be a good friend and honor friendship.



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