IELTS in Ahmedabad

With almost every country asking for an IELTS for a student’s visa or permanent residency, IELTS has become a lifeline of sorts for foreign going aspirants. Irrespective of whether one knows English well or not or has ever paid attention to it, one has no option but to prepare for IELTS in order to get that file moving to go to study or permanently settle abroad.

Where to study for IELTS?

A million dollar question! What with every nook and corner having an IELTS coaching centre, an IELTS aspirant is left in a complete daze. Everyone promises 6+ band and every class says its unique. So where does one go? Well, to answer this question, first ask yourself a few questions:

– Who should be teaching IELTS, trained IELTS teachers or anyone who knows English?

– Does the institute carry any recognition from any organization?

– How many students does the institute have in one class?

– Does the institute allow you to take demo sessions?

– Does the institute conduct regular mock tests?

– Does the institute let you come for extra practice?

– Does the institute have Sunday classes?

Now, when you walk in an institute that promises 6+ band, ask them these questions and then decide for yourself. Is the institute worth your money?

Can IELTS be prepared at home?

Sure, you can prepare for IELTS on your own at home, but for that you will have to look for the right material, gather it and then make a study plan. In short, you have to be disciplined and clever and must know your weaknesses and strengths. Making a study plan is simple. Here are the steps:

1. Take a Mock Test of all the four sections (it will be available online) this will give you a clear picture of how you fair in each section. Of course you will have to give the Speaking Test to someone who knows how it is to be evaluated.

2. Now once you have the clarity of your score, get set to organizing yourself. This is what is required from each section, check out-

Step I Four Sections of IELTS

1) Reading: Understanding of the passages, in terms of, vocabulary, gist and that which is not being said clearly too. So, you have to be good in grammar, must have above average vocabulary, must have the expertise to understand complicated sentence construction and must be able to infer more than what the passages are apparently saying.

Key skills checked: comprehension, vocabulary and ability to deduce information

2) Writing: Writing tests an aspirant’s ability to comprehend the topic and elaborate upon his understanding of the topic by using correct grammar, proper vocabulary and articulation. Obviously then you have to be adept at putting down your thoughts properly on paper and do it in such a way that shows you expertise in English writing perfectly. Proper use of punctuation is also one of the necessities.

Key skills checked: grammar, vocabulary, ability to articulate ideas and thoughts

3) Listening: Listening is all about comprehending the pronunciation and the accent of the speakers in the recordings. You should be able to understand and put down the correct answers.

Key skills checked: comprehension of language and quickness of deducing information

4) Speaking: Here the examiner checks whether you are able to speak correct and comprehensible English and do you have adequate word power to understand the questions and then articulate in your own words.

Key skills checked: grammar, pronunciation, word power, comprehension and articulation

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