Joining Up

Hi, there! The year’s passing by with super speed, it is May already and vacation has begun, so has the sweltering (boiling, roasting, very hot) heat… Ummm… what am I getting at? Okay, one by one:
2016 began and within no time, we are almost in the middle of the year.
The schools and colleges have begun their vacation and the kiddies (school) and the big kiddies (college) are having fun time, while the bigger kiddies (the mommies and the daddies, mommies especially) are looking for some places to send their kids to, at least, for a couple of hours.
And, of course, the summer is showing its true colours and is roasting everyone around.
Well, that was the dissection (cutting up, splitting up) of what I had said in my first paragraph.
Alright, let me tell you what exactly I am taking up today. Today, I shall talk to you people about how to join sentences. Like if you see in my first paragraph, there are sentences that I have joined with each other and then later, I have separated all of them and made them into individual sentences. This is what we are going to do today.
Take a look:
– The boy ran. His father ran along.
– She filled the bottles. Her friend filled bottles too.
Let us join the above sentences up:
– The father ran along with his boy.
– The friend filled up bottles with her.
I have used ‘with’ to join up sentences.
Join with ‘and’
– She came for the party. Her brother came too.
– My dog barked. The neighbor’s dog barked.
Her brother and she came for the party.
The neighbor’s and my dog barked.

More examples:
– She runs fast. She wants to win the race.
She runs fast to win the race.
– I wore my favorite dress. I wanted to look pretty.
I wore my favorite dress to look pretty.
– This is my wife. Her name is Rita.
This is my wife, Rita.
– He was angry at his son. He shouted at him.
As he was angry at his son, he shouted at him.
– I saw my sister. I hugged her.
I saw my sister and hugged her.
I am sure you have understood and learnt how to combine separate sentences to make them one. Now here is an exercise for you, join the sentences. Use as, but, for
1. I used a candle. The lights went off.
2. I wanted to go to meet her. My brother would not let me go.
3. I went to see the customer care executive personally. I had a complaint to make.
4. The dog jumped on the little boy. His father quickly moved him aside.
5. I shut the door. I did not want to be disturbed.
6. I waited for her for her for a long time. She did not come.
7. He was very happy. He had won the competition.
8. My mom bought me an expensive dress. It was my birthday.
9. I shouted loudly. No one heard me.
10. My boyfriend walked out of the restaurant. He was jealous of my other friends.
This is it for today, people. Work on these sentences, next week I shall give you the answers.
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Bye for now.
Keep smiling…

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