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Hi, there! When you look for English learning resources, the most useful ones are books. However, since not everyone likes reading, the other resources have to be looked into. Today, together with some other things, I shall discuss with you self- learning resources (sources, means) of English.
Here are a few:
One of the main resource of learning English language today is Internet. Through it, you can learn good English, you can enrich your vocabulary, practice comprehension of English, both written and spoken, learn grammar and check on your pronunciation. Let me one by one let you into the world of Internet and tell you how you can, on your own, learn English.
1. Vocabulary- The best way to build your vocabulary is by reading. So, you could read online blogs and books, choose topics that interest you. And make it a habit to read online. You can also practice on vocabulary exercises. I have given below some links that will take you to vocabulary exercises.
2. Comprehension of Spoken English- Comprehension of spoken English comes with a lot of everyday practice and despite that you could fail to understand if the accent changes. However, your best bet for becoming good at the comprehension of all kinds of accents is- English movies. Thus, watch English movies online. The more you listen to different types of English online, the better you will become at comprehension. You could also listen to speeches, and lectures on You Tube, select a topic of your liking and listen. Say for example, you want to get motivated, go on You Tube and key in ‘Motivational Speeches’, you will get innumerable links. Just click on any one and start listening.

3. Comprehension of written English- Now, this is not that easy. You have to have a months of practice, before you start comprehending, simple to difficult to very difficult English. Hence, you must start from reading very simple stories (Akbar Birbal, Panchtantra, etc…) and go on to reading online newspaper articles. Here are some links:

4. English Grammar- I have always maintained that the first thing required when learning to speak English is- confidence and the rest of the things can wait; however, you will sooner or later, (finally) have to get your grammar right, especially for your written English. And to get your grammar right, go on to online practice exercises. Links for you:

Online Exercises

5. Pronunciation- Tough! No matter, what you do, if you have a heavy regional accent, it will be tough to get your English pronunciation right. But do not lose heart, (do not get upset) both you and I know that nothing is impossible, with dedication and training, anything can be mastered upon and this is just English pronunciation. What you must do is, every time, you come across a word that you do not know how to pronounce, go online. Check for the pronunciation of the word and train yourself to pronounce it in the same manner.
Follow the above ways of learning English online and trust me, you will soon be on your way to becoming a good user of English.
Okay, another important thing that comes to my mind right now is your use of English on social networking sites. This is very important, people read your posts and you would not want them to make fun of your English, would you? So, here are a few tips to ensure that you avoid making any mistake, while posting your thoughts or whatever on your favorite sites:
1. Stay away from verbosity (use of too many words). It can be boring for the readers.
2. Proof- read you’re your posts, before clicking on enter.
3. Check for any errors when you use homonyms (mail/ male).
4. Avoid using slang, especially the ones with double meaning (especially if it’s a professional networking site).
Hurrah, I’m done for the day.
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Have lots of mangoes and keep smiling…

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