Lift for a Great Body by Tanya D’souza

So, once somebody asked me, ‘Why do you workout and for Christ sake why do you even lift heavy weights…? Stop intimidating men, I mean, you’re perfect and you’ve got a body anyone would desire…’ Now, I wasn’t astonished since I have been asked this question a million times by both men and women and I don’t even want to mention the disgust on their chubby faces.

Hey B’s & G’s, I’m back… Your very own, T… and today, I’m going to talk about a topic that is a subject of curiosity in the minds of everyone.

Being Comfortable with your Body VS Being Fit
I am sure at least once in your lifetime you may have taken up the resolution of either waking up early in the morning or hitting the gym. Well, if you can relate to that, this is a blog you can’t miss.

What I want you to do is for 30 seconds close your eyes and imagine yourself – For the first 15 seconds picture yourself in with pounds of flabs popping out from your lower back, tummy, armpits, chin, cheeks and thighs and for the next 30, imagine, a lean body with the right amount of flesh at the right places walking down the streets with a smile having everyone around you awestruck.
Which one of the images look good? Of course, the latter. Hang in there, if you are about to think that it is impossible to look that way, let me share a personal story with you…

The first 15 seconds you imagined was a version of me about 10 years back, chubby, under confident and absolutely unattractive until one day a friend told me, ‘Those short dresses look pretty only on female actors, you’d be a laughing stock if you’d even try’ That… That my dear, those words hit me hard and I decided I’m going to turn heads someday. That was when I started lifting and lifting heavy ass weights and believe me I don’t look like a man…

You are allowed to be comfortable in your own skin as long as it doesn’t hamper your life now and at a later stage and believe me being unhealthily ‘healthy’ (like the khate-peete types) is not just going to trouble you but also your loved ones.

If you are man wanting to get to a certain physique or a woman trying to lose those extras or gain weight, lifting weights is the best way to lose weight and tone your body. I am not a fitness expert but I know for sure having a good body has a great impact on the overall personality. And, the best part is that it not just builds your endurance physically but also, after all the pain you put your body through, initially, it strengthens you mental and physical being.

I’m a Woman, I don’t want to have muscles and look like a man, should I lift?

For all the women I know who lift, have been and still are feminine. They fit into skinny jeans, wear dresses, sarees and look fab! We as women can’t get as big as men because we aren’t ‘blessed’ with testosterones so relax… Get yourself professional guidance and don’t solely go with what the internet says. Each one of us has different capabilities, lifestyles and strengths and the only way of getting results and staying motivated is by planning your fitness journey by focusing on what you want and setting goals in accordance.

Well, for now, I’m going to sign off… Stay motivated and commit to being a healthier and better version of you physically, mentally and emotionally. Cheers!

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