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Hi, there! There are certain terms that are so long that it is better to give them short names. So, we shorten them, but the shortened forms become so popular that only the shortened forms are remembered and their actual forms are almost forgotten.

Yes, today, I shall tell you about ACRONYMS.

What are acronyms? Well, a word that is formed by combining some parts (usually the first letters) of some other terms is called an acronym. For example, modem is the acronym derived from modulator/demodulator. One more thing an acronym should be pronounced as if it were a word on its own and not a combination of words.


‘ATM’, you all know that ATM is a machine from which you can withdraw money anytime of the day or night, but did you know that the full form of ATM is ‘Automated Teller Machine’. This is an acronym- where in ‘A’ is taken from automated, ‘T’ is taken from teller and ‘M’ is taken from machine.

With the advent of emails and smss, many new acronyms have come up and they are here to stay. Some of them are really interesting and show how innovative people can be, that is, when it comes to taking short cuts. Take a peek (glance) at some of the funny ones:

LOL- Laugh out loudly

NSS- Not so soon

PDE- Public display of emotions

LYL- Love you lots

BTW- By the way

IMO- In my opinion

ROTFL- Rolling on the floor laughing

TIA- Thanks in advance

BLOG- Better listings on Google/ Big load of gossip

DKNY- Donna Karan New York

Some serious ones:

SMS- Storage management service

DOS- Disc operating system

RADAR- Radio detecting and ranging

ASAP- As soon as possible

Did you know that the word ‘acronym’ comes from two words acro and nym. Acro means ‘peak or initial’ and nym means ‘a kind of word’. There is no rule book that has to be followed to make acronyms; you can make your own interesting acronyms.

This was about acronyms. Now let us move on to a query:

A query from Sajag:

Madam, I would like to know the meaning of ‘9- 5 friends’.

Sajag, ‘9- 5 friends’ mean the friends who are there only for that period of time, that is, the eight hours. These friends may not be close friends, but those whom you work with or maybe are acquainted with.


  • I would not share my secrets with my 9- 5 friends.

The opposite of ‘9- 5 friends’ would be ‘4 am friends’. The phrase ‘4 am friends’ is used for those friends who are really close and can be called at any time of the day or night.

  • Raghav is a 4 am friend, I can share anything with him.

Another query from Sahil:

How do we translate this sentence into English? ‘Mausam bada kharab hai.’

Sahil, like I have said before, there are some sentences that can be easily translated from Hindi into English and some that cannot be. There can be no literal translation, as it can make a joke out of the translated sentence. But here’s how you can translate the above sentence:

The weather is really bad.

Now, a small exercise for you guys:

Find out the full forms of the following ACRONYMS:


Bye for now, take care.

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